My column will get right to the point. CNN, which has morphed from the “Clinton News Network” to the “Communist News Network” under the stewardship of its ultra leftist, Harvard-educated, 5-foot-6-inch dwarf of a president, Jeff Zucker, was sued today before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The complaint, which is self- explanatory, is excerpted below.

Freedom Watch and its Leftist Media Strike Force hereby respectfully demand regulatory enforcement action against CNN to fine, discipline and revoke any and all licenses from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for CNN, or any other legal and appropriate remedial action.

… inciting assassination of the elected President and Vice President, and the Speaker of the House, amounts in effect to treason against the U.S. Constitution and the peaceful transition of power. This is an indictable criminal offense or series of offenses, and it surely violates the regulatory right of CNN to operate under Federal Communications Commission, its enabling statute and regulations.

It is important to view these broadcast segments in the context also of a persistent campaign of dangerous, incendiary, false, and libelous propaganda against now President Trump. Like crying “fire” in a crowded theater and as genuine incitement to imminent violence, CNN’s incitement for some unhinged activist or activists to save the country and the world by killing an elected official portrayed as worse than Hitler had and has the real potential to convince radicalized activists to kill the President-Elect and now President Trump. CNN in particular has spent months demonizing Donald Trump, that is convincing its audience that President Trump is an evil and dangerous man who is a threat to the country. He thus should be assassinated, along with his Vice President and the Republican Speaker of the House, who is second in the line of succession.

Thus, the result of this campaign of incitement for months has produced hysterical, inflamed citizens who are primed and sensitized to play a perceived heroic role by assassinating the President.

And more generally CNN’s President Jeff Zucker has turned CNN into an agent of the far, far left – and subverted and violated its certificate of public convenience and public interest. Zucker has led semi-responsible news anchors and commentators like Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, and Erin Burnett to toe the company line. In addition to “way out leftist” CNN lunatics Don Lemon and Van Jones (avowed communist who had to leave the Obama administration when his political ties were exposed) have now joined Zucker in propagating such radical leftist polemic that they are even further left than Russia’s RT Television Network. They have, in effect, morphed into the “Al Jazeera” of American cable news.

CNN has become part of an attempted coup d’etat. Working with subversives inside of government – likely holdovers from the Obama administration – the network has set out to destroy the Trump presidency and thus the nation in rapid order, with no bounds to CNN’s dishonest, false, and destructive coverage. The ultra-leftist “fake news” that CNN spews is enough legally, in principle, to have the FCC yank any and all of its broadcast licenses or other government perks.

… CNN has clearly incited and solicited murder in exchange for extremely important intangible benefits of “saving the country,” being a hero, and – presumably – getting massive news coverage on … CNN. This boosts the network previously poor ratings, which does in fact result in increased earnings and income for CNN.

It cannot go unnoticed that while CNN appealed to someone to assassinate the hated and frightening (to CNN) Donald Trump, those responsible would receive in return massive news coverage on CNN portraying them (with boiler plate caveats) as national heroes. At least after all the incendiary coverage by CNN, those unhinged individuals would perceive it that way.

Therefore, the Leftist Media Strike Force project of Freedom Watch, Inc., hereby respectfully demands that the FCC open an investigation into not only the persistent abuse of the public interest by the rampant bias and incendiary broadcasts of CNN but furthermore revoke any and all licensing or broadcast rights, for television and radio, of CNN and/or fine and discipline CNN, including issuing a cease and desist order against such systematic campaigns against the elected President.

This complaint is also being forwarded to the United States Secret Service for appropriate action.


Larry Klayman
Chairman and General Counsel
Freedom Watch, Inc.
2020 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 345
Washington, D.C. 20006
(Tel: 561-558-5336)
[email protected]

To view the entire complaint go to

As I also explain in the video below, Freedom Watch’s Leftist Media Strike Force is dedicated to restoring some semblance of honesty and decency to the broadcasting among the rabid Trump and conservative-hating leftist media. Indeed, as President Trump intimated yesterday during his press conference, CNN and others have gone way beyond practicing the “Art of the Deal” to boost their failing ratings, to becoming the “Art of Fake News.” And, in CNN’s case, as set forth in our FCC complaint, Zucker and his dangerous network leftist clowns like Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, Fareed Zakaria and, of course, avowed commie Van Jones had effectively advocated the assassination of President Trump and his vice president, as well as the Republican speaker of the House, all with the hope that if this would occur before The Donald was sworn in on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2017. An Obama Cabinet member could then have been sworn in as president – an ultra-leftist’s dream come true.

The time has come to strike back legally, and that is why I am filing this FCC complaint, with a copy to the U.S. Secret Service, on behalf of Freedom Watch’s Leftist Media Strike Force. his leftist media, and its Napoleonic dictators, like “Little Jeff Zucker,” must have their day of reckoning. Let the games begin!

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