Donald Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller, most likely adjusting his tie (Photo: Twitter/The Daily Edge)

Donald Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller, most likely adjusting his tie (Photo: Twitter/The Daily Edge)

It’s the latest fake-news freak-out: Leftists are insisting White House adviser Stephen Miller threw a “white power” hand signal during a live TV appearance on Feb. 12.

But a closer inspection of the viral photo reveals Miller is actually pinching his tie with his right thumb and index finger and pulling his suit jacket closed with his left thumb and index finger.


Miller was likely adjusting his tie and blazer for his appearance on “Face the Nation” during which he discussed President Trump’s temporary travel ban on migrants from seven countries.

Nonetheless, voices of reason couldn’t stop the conspiracy theories now flying on the Web.

On Tuesday, the Daily Edge blog shared a photo of the alleged hand sign and tweeted: “Trump: I don’t know where anti-Semitism is coming from. RELATED: @POTUS aide flashes ‘white power’ hand signs on TV.”


And the left-leaning website Daily Kos piled on, insisting Miller is a white supremacist and “avowed racist” was giving a shout-out to his “white power” buddies.

The Daily Kos offered the following explanation for why it believes Miller’s gesture is “completely intentional”:

  • The right hand, on top, is showing just three fingers: “W.”
  • His left hand curls to make the “P” formation.
  • WP. White Power. White nationalists know exactly what that sign means.
  • According to the Anti-Defamation League, this is a common white supremacist hand sign “particularly” used in California. (Stephen Miller is from Santa Monica.)

Daily Kos poster “SemDem” continued: “[T]his is so over-the-top blatantly racist that it almost sounds fake. But this administration is demonstrably over-the-top blatantly racist. It’s not fake–it’s just not normal. I’ve said this over and over—THIS.IS.NOT.NORMAL.”

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Twitter user Susan Allor compared Miller’s hand positions with photos of real “white power” signs. But Miller’s gesture is clearly not the same at the ones in the other photos.


Still, Allor’s post was inundated with hundreds of replies from Twitter users convinced Miller is flashing the racist hand sign, including the following:

  • Maria Langer: “If this is intentional, it’s f—ing terrifying.”
  • Saint Maura: “I’m teetering on the edge of believing this might be something.”
  • AmyWebb: “Doesn’t this twerp realize the Aryans aren’t going to let a Jewish boy into their White Nation? His parents must be horrified.”
  • EmmaleaT: “Right now, I actually have anxiety, like we need to keep our tweets for evidence, in case he burns us [at the] stakes for figuring him out.”
  • USA TempOffline: “Not an accident. … the little Nazi sending shout outs to his pals. Odd for a gay jewish man.”
  • LostinOhio1: “This guy is just plain scary. There should be no room for him or Bannon in the WH period. BAD, VERY BAD.”
  • Stacy Friday: “Stephen Miller flashing ‘white power’ hand signals from the White House is one of the most REVOLTING things I’ve seen, yet.”

But another Twitter user, Upstate Voice, countered the Miller conspiracy theory with photos of Democrats, tweeting: “Democrats Flash Nazi Salute ‘Sieg Heil'”:


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