Hollywood is like Uncle Bob. Bob shows up at family dinners, and we already know what he is going to say. He says conservatives hate old people, minorities, women and children. He rants that Republicans are racist warmongers who fight wars for oil and are a bunch of rich, white guys trying to keep everyone else down.

Then there is Uncle Bill at the family gathering. You can’t wait to hear Bill’s thoughts on an upcoming election because his thoughtful analysis is critical and sometimes supportive of both sides of a political argument. You never know where he will fall on an issue, so his opinion is lightyears more valuable than Uncle Bob’s.

Hollywood is closed-minded Uncle Bob. Everyone tunes out Bob because he is a broken record. You look at him in disdain because when he opens his mouth, you tune out like he is a Hollywood awards show.

I will admit, I am an only child and my parents are both only children. I don’t have uncles, but the comparison works.

Imagine an alternate reality where Hollywood is open minded. Viewers would tune in to an award show to see which winners gave a little shout-out to conservative viewers and to leftist viewers.

Consider how much more valuable the opinion of Hollywood celebrities be if they weren’t always the same. We tune out Uncle Bob, and we tune out Hollywood celebs.

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When celebrities pontificate, Middle America laughs. These leftist, closed-minded, lockstep celebrities are so out of touch that they have no idea that their opinion doesn’t matter to anyone outside of Hollywood.

I appeared on “Special Report” to debate Leslie Marshall on how any dissent is punished in Hollywood.

If you’re a Hollywood hypocrite or wish to be part of the club, here are a few rules to live by to keep from being punished by the elite:

  • As a Hollywood hypocrite, you must produce movies and songs about family and tender moments with children, but to be part of the clique, you must espouse abortion on demand, anytime, anywhere, up and beyond the actual birth of the baby because the mother is the only person with any say in the matter. Somehow spreading her legs gave her a godly role in the Democratic Party. No baby, male or female, no father, no social justice, no defense of innocents, no court or rational mental health or medical professional has any say in the matter – only her. And if you say otherwise, you will be ridiculed and omitted.
  • As a Hollywood hypocrite, you should produce the most violent of movies using the biggest guns that computer generation can create on screen, but if you don’t want to be blackballed from the industry, you must hate all guns and want them banned for the little people. The hypocrites have well-armed security around them at all times, and they rationalize that they are special and, therefore, somehow deserving of protection that the little people out there can’t handle. The Hollywood elite believe they are quite benevolent for understanding the incompetence of the serfs, and keeping them from destroying themselves.
  • If you’re part of the Hollywood elite, you get to sleep with, marry, use, abuse whomever you want and call it “love.” Because in Hollywood, no one gets to judge who you love. If you are Lena Dunham, you can write books about sexually molesting your little sister and be lauded for your “honesty and creativity.” There is really only one rule here, and that is that you have to believe in no rules. Sex with kids? Sure! That’s OK. Muhammad did it, so you must not speak out against it. Sex with relatives? Sure! Just glamorize it in your work on the silver screen, and soon even impressionable teens in Middle America will think it’s cool. Sex with animals? Shhh. Just move along. Nothing to see here. Don’t judge. Unless it is a conservative, then always judge what they do. Next …
  • The punishment of any dissent is truly tyrannical. As a Hollywood hypocrite, your tyranny of thought is occasionally pointed out. That is the moment to call those with dissenting opinions “fascists.” Your little serfs will believe you, and ostracize those who are trying to save them from their own destruction. Thus, anyone who wants to free your slaves and remove you from your power and millions will be unsuccessful.

I’m sure there are more rules, but those will get you by to avoid punishment and persecution by today’s Hollywood elite.

Don’t break them, or you will be ridiculed, singled out, exposed, extracted or worse. You are not welcome on the left if your beliefs are outside of their box.

There is an exception to all of this. If you are iconic (aka, too big to destroy), like a Clint Eastwood, a Morgan Freeman or a Matthew McConaughey, Hollywood elites will then just turn their heads and try not to be around you, but they can’t take you down. That’s OK. Even Kim Jong-il has to tolerate those he can’t control. It doesn’t make you any less of a fascist, so you’re OK.

If you are a B-list actor, forget it. If you come out for even the squishiest Republican candidate, march in a parade holding a little American flag or dare to say that some behaviors might be dangerous, you are blackballed. You won’t work again.

The trick to maintaining your standing is absolute control of your slaves. The little people out there willing to let you control what they think, wear, sing and say will repeat your mantra until they destroy their own neighborhoods, undermine their own education and even die for you. But hey, what good fascist dictator doesn’t let some of the little people die for them?

What do women want? Find the answer in Gina Loudon’s best-selling co-authored blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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