A commentator is advising Democrats that while they may get solace from things like “Not My President” candy bars and books, there’s no substitute for the real thing: a leader who can convince voters the nation is on the right track.

“‘Our president,’ flawed as he is, has managed to make Americans more optimistic about the country’s future,” wrote producer and political writer Myra Adams for BizPacReview.

“This is astounding news for the professional left who should take a break from Hitler name-calling, impeachment talk and protests to read the following data and talk to real Trump voters.”

She noted that since Trump was elected, the number of those who believe the nation is on the right track is up nearly 7 percent.

Adams was citing the newest development in the “hate Trump” campaign: candy bars and books.

They follow the outrageous statements, documented just before and after Trump’s victory, from all sorts of Hollywood types promising to move, even leave Earth, if Trump won.

No one, apparently, has kept his or her word yet.

Can mainstream Americans really beat liberals? Here’s the how-to outline, in “Waking the Sleeping Giant.”

Cher vowed, “I’m moving to Jupiter,” and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “Now it’s time for us to move to New Zealand.”

“Girls” celebrity Lena Dunham said: “I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will. I know a lovely place in Vancouver.”

Adams explained that a company called Not My President Candy Bars was reporting a surge in orders for Oscar parties that had to be ready by Feb. 24.

“One order even asked if we wanted to include them in VIP gift bags to celebrities,” company spokeswoman Karen Jacobson said in a statement.

Then, Adams said, according to the LA Weekly, there were illustrators from studios, including Disney and Dreamworks, who collaborated on a “picture book” called “Not My President.”

The effort was being used to raise money for the abortionists at Planned Parenthood and other far-left causes.

Adams commented that she has been troubled by the “continuous use” of the “Not My President” mantra.

“Over the last eight years at least half the nation’s voters vehemently disagreed with the policies, actions and inactions of President Obama, but ‘Not My President’ was deemed an unacceptable protest phrase. Why? In polite, educated, society those three words convey utter disrespect for the office of the president and for the democratic system under which he was elected,” she explained.

“But now with a Caucasian male president, the left can scream ‘Not My President’ in the streets, brand it on signs and candy wrappers, books, clothing and whatever else has a surface, with silence from the complicit media. However, media silence is actually a megaphone. It broadcasts the left’s status as sore losers and crybabies who allowed the White House, Senate and House to slip away because their flawed candidate had no political coattails on her designer pantsuits.”

Her “unsolicited” advice?

“If Trump is not your president, then identify and raise up your president for 2020 now. Make a concerted effort to give your potential candidate a high-profile media platform because all that is usually seen on major news shows are the battle-worn faces of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Trust me, none of them will ever be your president.”

And good luck with that, she suggested.

“Democrats are so leaderless that they are having a heck of a time just trying to elect the next chairperson of the Democratic National Committee. Today, the leading candidate is Keith Ellison, a left-wing African-American congressman from Minnesota. Ellison’s most noteworthy credential for DNC leadership is that he was the first Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress in 2006.”

She finished: “Let Hollywood keep funding children’s books portraying Trump as Hitler and promoting ‘Not My President’ candy bars while the media mercilessly attacks Trump, and the Soros-funded protests continue. But remember, Americans are increasingly more hopeful under ‘our president’ then they were under ‘your president.'”

Can mainstream Americans really beat liberals? Here’s the how-to outline, in “Waking the Sleeping Giant.”


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