When did you stop beating your wife?

That question wields the same defenseless ambiguity as “He’s crazy.”

Shepard Smith referred to President Trump’s press conference on Thursday as “absolutely crazy.” Late night host, Seth Meyers called it “bats–t crazy.” Newspapers across the country ran with headlines referring to the president or his speech as “crazy.”

Days before, congressional Democrats announced they would introduce a bill requiring a psychiatrist be present in the White House.

When you can’t find anything scandalous to say, just accuse them of being crazy. That is the new low of the media and the left.

Donald Trump may be crazy, but he is crazy like a fox!

Americans watching President Trump outside of the bubbles of New York City, D.C. and Los Angeles were cheering at their TVs as the president laid into the press.

Middle America does not believe the president is crazy, but it looks like the left has decided this is the newest and coolest way they think they can discredit the president.

It’s unethical to diagnose public figures without an analysis, but one can read a lot about results without judging mental state. Trump is more like the red pill catalyst to the blue pill insanity that was plaguing America and the world.

One in five Americans has been treated for mental illness, and calling the president crazy because they disagree with him is a dangerous road to go down for the left.

The left has a penchant for insulting large segments of the population.

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President Obama called Americans bitter clingers. Hillary called us deplorable. And now, the term “crazy” is being thrown around by the left while 20 percent of Americans are receiving mental health treatment.

We don’t know how many Democrat voters are in that 20 percent, but, as the left throws around the “crazy” term, that has to feel a little insulting to people who are legitimately receiving treatment and who hate hearing that word being used so flippantly.

The old axiom says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

We threw billions at problems that we didn’t solve, and it only created our debt spiral.

We paid people not to work, and they kept not working.

We instituted the Affordable Care Act and made health care much less affordable.

We sent welfare checks to our inner cities, and they only grew poverty and destroyed families.

We invited the terrorists in, and they kept their promise of attacking us and creating chaos.

None of this was working. Until Trump.

Consumer confidence is off the charts. Retail spending is up again. Jobs are coming back to America. Terrorists are scattering to more “tolerant” countries. And America is regaining her sanity.

If that’s crazy, then many of us are ready for this new mental state.

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