There’s a deadly silence coming from a long list of Democrats on a report from New York Times best-selling author Ed Klein that claims Hillary Clinton still wants to be president and is making plans to take on Donald Trump again in 2020.

Klein, a former foreign editor of Newsweek and former editor-in-chief of New York Times Magazine, said recently that after weeks of lying low and licking her wounds from her 2016 failure, a “pathological” Hillary Clinton is gearing up to fight Trump again.

WND reached out to Democrats including Sen. Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Al Franken and Rep. Keith Ellison for reaction to Clinton’s potential race.

All declined to be interviewed or provide a statement.

It would be her third bid for the office, following her 2008 primary loss to Barack Obama.

Klein, author of “Guilty as Sin,” argues that Clinton, with all her email, pay-for-play and other scandals, won’t run for office to evade prosecution or divert attention.

But the former secretary of state may run again because she is “delusional” and is convinced that becoming the first female president of the United States is her destiny, he said.

“She lost now her two attempts, both in 2008 in the primaries against Barack Obama and again in 2016 against Donald Trump, but she hasn’t lost that dream because that’s essentially what motivates her,” Klein told WND.

“Her sole dream in life has been to become president.

“Hillary has been planning, thinking and dreaming of becoming the first woman president of the United States since about 1965 when she entered Wellesley College and she started running for (student body) president of Wellesley,” he continued. “All of her – many of her classmates were so impressed with her that they told her that she was going to grow up to become the first woman president of the United States. She’s been dreaming about that – and married Bill Clinton because she thought he had the same future that she did.

“You would need a psychoanalyst to figure out why this has become the motivating factor in her life, but it’s certainly has been.”

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Clinton, who currently is writing her memoirs for Simon and Schuster and has signed up with a speaking bureau to make paid speeches, truly believes she lost the 2016 election because of the Russians and the FBI, Klein said.

“From my point of view, this is almost a pathological delusion on her part because she is a lousy politician to begin with,” he said. “Her campaign failed to understand the vast changes that were taking place amongst the American electorate, and, therefore, they lost the whole Rust Belt, ‘blue wall’ – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin.”

Democrats have charged that the Russians swiped Democrats’ emails and released them, putting Clinton’s campaign on defense for weeks. They also point to the fact that even after FBI Director James Comey cleared her of mishandling classified information on an unsecure private server, he reopened the investigation just before the election.

Clinton has avoided, and will continue to avoid, criticizing the Trump administration to avoid prosecution, Klein suspects.

“She has not been a full-throated critic (of Trump) in the same way that Bernie Sanders, and especially Elizabeth Warren and the far left-wing of the party has,” he said. “She feels, and perhaps accurately, that the current Justice Department, under Jeff Sessions and the FBI would be urged and politically put under pressure by the White House to reopen some of these investigations, especially into her relationship with the Clinton Foundation while she was secretary of state.

“And the charges that she was guilty of ‘pay to play’ – doing favors for foreign governments and foreign businessmen in return for donations to the foundation and, of course, huge speaking fees to her husband and, later, to her,” he said.

“So, I think she is pretty quiet on that front, generally speaking, to not upset Donald Trump and irritate him.”

Whether Trump will keep his campaign promise and reopen the investigation against Clinton remains to be seen. Trump is refraining from going after her because he wants to keep the attention on his policy goals, Klein speculates.

“The idea of going after Hillary would be, I believe, in his view, would be a distraction from a lot of the things he wants to accomplish that he promised, including immigration reform, health care repeal and replacement, tax reform. Much more vigorous foreign policy and defense posture,” he said. “Making Hillary a target of, a visible and headline kind of target, of the Justice Department would take him off message.

“I don’t think it is out of the goodness of his heart,” he added. “He thinks that would be a waste of time and energy. Just the way, and you can argue this point, Gerald Ford decided to pardon Richard Nixon, rather than pursue Nixon’s felonies when he took over as president.”

Democrats stand in agreement that Clinton is a lousy candidate who has no chance of winning the party’s nomination again, Klein said.

“They think she lost the election because she lost the election, not because of the Russians or the FBI,” he said. “Many of them have said so, especially the left-wing base of the party which is growing in numbers and influence, and I think would have vast influence on the choice of candidates going forward.

“She is a figure of the past and a failed figure from the past in their eyes, and I don’t think she grasps that. I don’t think she understands that – intellectually she might understand that, because she is not stupid – but emotionally I think that she doesn’t really get it.

“If there is any leader who comes close to the leader of the Democratic Party today, it is the triumvirate of Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama.”

Even Bill Clinton fears his wife is sullying his legacy.

“The Democratic Party will not nominate her, but I don’t think she believes that,” Klein said. “Her own husband has told her time and time again: Number one that the campaign has not been run properly, she didn’t listen to him during the campaign. And he’s told her since the campaign that she shouldn’t even think about running again because if she is a two-time loser it will besmirch and undermine the Clinton legacy, the Clinton Foundation and everything the Clintons stand for.”

While Bill would prefer her not to run, Klein said, Chelsea Clinton and the people she is surrounded by are “egging her on.”

“By 2020, they think Donald Trump will be an unpopular figure running again and that she will present herself as the responsible mature, experienced individual and will be able to beat him.”

Even if she does decide to run again, Clinton’s deteriorating health will likely be problematic, Klein explained.

“She is going to be 73 years old in 2020. She is not in good health, despite what she claims. Seventy or 73 these days is not considered to be very old unless your health is not well, and she certainly doesn’t have good health. So she is kind of an old 70-ish person. So, I think that her plans to run again in 2020 will not come to fruition.”

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