Imagine if one of Bernie Sanders’ neighbors up in Vermont regularly fired shots at the Democratic senator’s house.

How do you think he would react?

In addition, what if this neighbor regularly cussed out the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, threatened his life verbally and issued anti-Semitic slurs against him?

Do you think Bernie would ignore these regular attacks? Or do you think he’d be screaming for this neighbor to be locked up and the key thrown away?

Even more unlikely, can you imagine Bernie fighting to send taxpayer aid to this neighbor in hopes of placating his hatred and violence?

Now, as far as I know, Bernie doesn’t have a neighbor like that in Vermont nor at his Washington, D.C., residence.

Yet, a U.S. ally has more than one such neighbor – and Bernie suggests the onus is on that American ally to behave in just such a manner.

Indeed, this is the new strategy Bernie and the Democrats are employing in their war of attrition against the Jewish state of Israel.

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In Bernie’s effort to mount opposition to Donald Trump’s nominee for U.S. ambassador to Israel, he recently asked David Friedman whether he would support using funds earmarked for assistance to the beleaguered Jewish state to rebuild the Gaza Strip, controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas, which is sworn to Israel’s destruction and which has regularly bombarded its neighbor with missiles, dispatched terrorist strikes against it and incited its population to mayhem and violence.

Bernie – and many of his fellow Democrats – believe Israel should divert aid meant to fight Islamic terrorists to subsidize future attacks on Israel.

The questions were presented in writing to Friedman, and Sanders asked him for a “thoughtful” response.

Keep in mind Sanders has emerged as the de facto leader of the Senate “progressives” because of his insurgent and surprisingly popular campaign last year for the Democratic presidential nomination. Thus, his letter suggests a strategy his fellow Democrats will employ in trying to block Friedman’s nomination and further confuse the American public about the real issues blocking peace in the Middle East.

If his intentions weren’t clear enough, Bernie also asked Friedman whether the U.S. government should review the tax-exempt status of U.S. groups raising money to support Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

In other words, Bernie and company are not going to reveal their real intentions toward Israel – destabilization, handcuffing the Jewish state in its battle for survival against sworn enemies, forcing Jerusalem to endure constant attacks from its neighbors and accepting hate and terror as permanent a way of life.

Would Bernie be willing to accept that kind of behavior from his own neighbors?

Would the United States?

Would any country or community in its right mind?

Of course not. And Bernie and his fellow Democrats know this, which is why they are testing a new anti-Israel political strategy. It’s right in line with the international anti-Semitic movement for boycott, divest and sanctions against the one and only Jewish state, while major human-rights-abusing nations are given a free ride.

The truth is that Bernie and the Dems have nothing but contempt for Israel. They shroud this reality in suggestions that may not seem hostile unless you fully understand what Israel deals with on a daily basis – the drip, drip, drip of violence, hatred, bombings, shootings, knifings, car and truck attacks, rocket and missile assaults.

What would you do if your neighbors fired shots at your house on a regular basis?

What would you do if they hurled hateful threats your way every day?

What would you do if they threatened to kill you and every member of your family?

How would you take the advice of Bernie Sanders to allocate more of your own household budget to buy them off?

Does that sound like a good solution?

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