The left is losing its collective mind.

The tin foil industry is the next industry to see a boom thanks to President Trump, as the left brings the tin foil hat back into style.

Leftists are so unable to handle the fact that Donald Trump is president that they will literally believe anything to cope.

Democrats in denial are clinging to the conspiracy theory that President Trump and his campaign were working with Russian intelligence agents to rig the election against Hillary Clinton even though there is zero evidence that it ever occurred.

There is more evidence that Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster exist than for this wild conspiracy theory about Trump and the Russians.

Members of the mainstream media are so afflicted with this anti-Trump madness that they use the most creative wording to write unfounded stories about Trump-Russian election rigging.

The next lamestream media headline could read, “Trump & Bigfoot collude to rig the vote against Hillary.”

Watch out, National Enquirer! The tabloids have a new competitor with the kinds of stories being published by lamestream media rags.

My conspiracy theory is that the “failing New York Times” is trying to reach a new audience since its readership has plummeted in the past few years. Next we will see the New York Times on newsstands next to the National Enquirer.

We all have those friends or family members who tell about the latest wild conspiracy theories at the occasional get-together.

Politely, we quietly nod as they explain every detail of the latest wild story that is floating around.

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It was funny to see the lamestream media flip out when President Trump tweeted the accusation of President Obama spying on Trump Tower during the election.

Even the few right-leaning media analysts couldn’t understand why President Trump tweeted something that no one believed was true.

Again, President Trump was playing 3D chess and is several steps ahead.

That tweet did several things.

First, it put Obama and his administration holdovers on the defensive when the former president and his minions were forced to publicly deny the accusation.

Also, it exposed the Trump-Russia vote rigging story for the ridiculous fake story that it has always been. If the Obama administration wasn’t spying on Trump during the campaign, then the months of news reports detailing nonexistent investigations into collusion between Trump and Russia were exposed as fake.

If the Obama administration had been spying on Trump during the campaign, then that story would overshadow any baseless Russia vote rigging story.

That single tweet by Trump put Obama and his minions between a rock and a hard place.

There was no way out for them. All they could do was deny that our intelligence services were spying on Trump and discredit the entire case they have been building against Trump for months.

The next time you see the president do something puzzling or seemingly foolish, just remember that President Trump is smarter than we suspect, and that the left is wackier than we ever imagined.

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