The European Union is not willing to play nice much longer with member states that refuse to share the continent’s “refugee” burden.

Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said member countries have until September to take in 160,000 mostly Syrian refugees currently stranded in Greece and Italy, according to Yahoo News.

“If we don’t have tangible efforts by September … the commission will not hesitate to make use of its power,” Avramopoulos said at a news conference.

Avramopoulos, who is Greece’s EU commissioner, said the EU has been trying to convince member states to “do their duty,” adding, “But if it is not the case in the future, infringements might be an option.”

He was referring to “infringement proceedings,” which the European Commission may launch to impose fines on member states that break EU rules.

Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, acknowledged the EU has the right to force its members to share the refugee burden, but she said that only shows the unfairness of the EU.

“It may be fair under the rules of the EU, but if so, that just shows anew why the EU must be dismantled,” Geller told WND. “Are member states to be deprived of any right to defend themselves from this societal and cultural threat? Is the EU fair when they broke their own laws to allow the mass Muslim migration into Europe?”

Ted Malloch, the man rumored to be President Trump’s choice for U.S. ambassador to the EU, has previously said the EU might need “a little taming.” He does not think the union is in a position to threaten its members over the refugee issue.

“Why should the EU be making such demands when its policies are a near total failure?” Malloch, author of “Hired: An Insider’s Look at the Trump Victory,” remarked to WND.

Yahoo reported Eastern European countries such as Hungary and Slovakia, which oppose Muslim immigration, have proposed paying “solidarity” contributions instead of taking in any refugees. However, countries such as France and Germany assert no member state can dodge its duty to welcome a certain number of refugees under the European Commission’s September 2015 plan to deal with the refugee crisis.

Geller, author of “Stop the Islamization of America,” suggested Hungary and Slovakia “ought to leave the EU and defend their borders.”

She added it doesn’t matter whether Muslim refugees are distributed more evenly among the European nations or concentrated mostly in a few countries.

“Anywhere there are Muslim refugees, there will be jihadis and Shariah supremacists among them, and civil strife and upheaval will follow,” Geller said. “Jews are forced to conceal religious symbols for fear of attack. And still the EU demands European countries import these vicious Jew-haters. Apparently they mean to finish the job Hitler started.”

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