Transgender 'Jazz Jennings' doll

Transgender ‘Jazz Jennings’ doll

We thought all the trendy folks into child experimentation would be thrilled to know Tonner Doll Company has – wait for it – a “transgender” doll coming out this summer! Be still, my pounding heart!

Veteran exposer of all things mad and gay, Pete LaBarbera had this to tell us: “The world’s first ‘transgender doll’ will go on sale this summer, based on the life of 16-year-old male-to-female ‘transgender’ activist and cable TV star Jazz Jennings.”

Apparently, Jennings is the shooting star in the gay galaxy, mostly because of his age. They prefer their little shoots young and tender. Many will likely join this growing throng of mutilated and drugged youngsters, because children are so easily manipulated.

Jazz Paper Doll in solidarity with Tonner Company's debut of the world's first transsexual doll

Jazz Paper Doll in solidarity with Tonner Company’s debut of the world’s first transsexual doll

Confusion blasts them at every stage and platform now. Chief among them is TLC Network, which proudly produces the “All That Jazz” series, featuring the fabulous life of Jared Jennings (aka Jazz) publicly morphing into a woman. Jazz seems eerily innocent of the ambient madness surrounding him, supported by parents, friends, school – and now an entire media complex.

The newest act in this sexual circus is the Jazz Doll, which is as trumpeted as any Disney character. (There may be plans for that in the future as well.) The “world’s first transgender doll” just “came out” this February at the New York Toy Fair. It is expected to go on sale in July. Tonner claims this as a continuation of their “ground-breaking doll line” which is based on “socially transformational heroes.”

The company, founded by designer Robert Tonner, is known for producing artistic specialty dolls with exquisitely feminine faces and details. Some are replicas of celebrities or historic/literary personages, such as Ann Boleyn and Scarlet O’Hara. Tonner Dolls are upscale, sold at Sak’s and specialty doll stores, and are considered adult collectibles.

Tonner Company proudly offers their first 'transsexual' doll" Jazz

Tonner Company proudly offers their first ‘transsexual’ doll” Jazz

With the Jazz Jennings doll, Tonner seems to be reaching out to the original market for dolls – children. He said as much in an interview with the New York Times. There Tonner said he would like to see his dolly sold at “big-box toy stores,” although he admitted the price and “potential for controversy” could make that difficult. But Tonner swears he isn’t trying to make a political statement. “I don’t even know if the word ‘transgender’ will be on the package,” he said, and is likely consulting his lawyers.

If Tonner can get away with it, the word “transgender” will be in Toys ‘R Us next summer … all because of “social transformation,” and because he is gay and wants to spread the joy around (particularly to the kids). There’s no denying it now, not after the gay Disney kiss, and the omnipresent shadow of transvestites blazing across social media.

In an interview with Steve Israel, Tonner acknowledged his husband of 30 years, Harris Safier (not that his domestic affairs could have anything to do with the trans doll or anything). Tonner Doll Company is far afield of the gay promo curve, with their 2010 gay fashion doll character, “Andy Mills” in its popular Cami & Jon product line. Andy did not “identity” as “Candy” or “Andrea.”

Andy Mills, Tonner company's gay boy doll (2010)

Andy Mills, Tonner company’s gay boy doll (2010)

Like all gay promotion efforts, this is cloaked in good intentions and concern for the welfare of youth. “With the recent tragic suicides among gay youth,” Tonner said, “we thought it was beyond time to represent a positive gay role model.”

Positive? Tonner didn’t touch on beaucoup scientific research proving transgendered people are generally unhappy before their change, but often suicidal after they reach the point of no return.

Although the Jennings family acknowledges their son was diagnosed as having gender identity disorder by three, they apparently don’t believe in mental illness. Jazz has lived as a girl with his family cheering on his delusion since the age of five. No diagnosis of the parents’ mental state is offered.

Others responsible for pushing chemical or physical castration on a young child include: 20/20 with Barbara Walters when he was only six; the Oprah Winfrey documentary, “I am Jazz: A family in Transition”; GLAAD media cheering him on; Time magazine; The Advocate; Teen Vogue; and Johnson & Johnson.

Jazz is either convinced of his sexuality, or must continuously proclaim it, like the king missing his clothing. In an Instagram on his doll, Jazz says: “Of course it is still just a regular girl doll because that’s exactly what I am: a regular girl.” He doesn’t get into what it requires for him to be a “girl” – powerful drugs that are banned for adult Olympic athletes, and things like Lupron Depot-PED that must be injected and which is used to treat advanced prostate cancer. You forgot the cute little girly syringes, Tonner Company!

All the things a Real GURL needs to keep up appearances

All the things a Real GURL needs to keep up appearances

Ulster Magazine’s piece on Tonner claims his dolls are “beyond child’s play,” and they mean it. In the Sane Era, dolls whose genitals were the primary attraction were kept in seedy little porn shops, and may need to be inflated. Meet Jazz Jennings, a boy Tonner calls “incredibly brave, intelligent, warm-hearted and creative.” But Jared/Jazz is also an easy mark for those who will profit from confused and deluded children.

Jazz better milk this attention and hoopla for all it’s worth, because it won’t last. Either he will figure it out (and I sincerely hope that will happen), or he will not be able to fight off mother nature, DNA and age forever.

In the gay world, 16 may already be a little elderly.


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