First, there is vote fraud in the United States.

Notwithstanding outlandish claims by those like Shepard Smith of Fox News who declared, “There’s no evidence that widespread voter fraud happened, there never has been.”

The non-profit True the Vote has compiled a database of cases that are known.

And second, there is something that can be done to curb it.

To that end, True the Vote is holding a national conference call on Tuesday, at 7 p.m. Eastern, to provide the details on the latest.

President Donald Trump called attention to the problem after his stunning 2016 presidential election defeat of now two-time presidential-bid failure Hillary Clinton.

Catherine Engelbrecht’s True the Vote – which was launched in 2009 “after a small group of volunteers worked at our local polls and witnessed firsthand both the need for well-trained election workers and blatant, undeniable acts of election fraud” – has a five-step plan for reform.

“We are making steady progress with the forensic audit,” she told WND Monday. “Right now, hundreds of millions of files from over 100 different data sources are being aggregated, structured and sifted.

“It’s incredibly tedious and time-consuming work. But it must be done – and done right – however long it takes. You can’t properly correct problems until you can fully identify them.”

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Englebrecht’s effort deploys technologists, statisticians, researchers, auditors, scholars, futurists, election-law experts and process specialists, and it will end up with a top-to-bottom evaluation of America’s election system.

True the Vote’s five-point plan:

  • A forensic audit of the election processes
  • Developing an American voter ID program
  • Evaluating election technologies
  • Identifying dynamic voter registration verification processes
  • Developing model legislation

Engelbrecht noted to WND that the nation’s elections are run by 50 state systems, all with a range of variables.

She said her group soon will launch an investigatory team deploying local volunteers to review practices, policies and procedures and make sure that the elections are truly fair.

“We have created for ourselves a layered and dysfunctional process,” she said. “And then, on top of them, we have set out illogical standards that make the process that much harder to administer in a way that people feel makes sense.”

She said there’s no doubt fraud occurs, and the nation must recover from an administration that had “a weaponized DOJ that was quick to sue a state whenever [one] tried to clean up its voter rolls.”

Data has been impossible to obtain, and, thus, problems have remained unaddressed.

Now, the group is “thrilled the president has chosen to make election integrity a priority.”

There are problems, she said, but, “We can fix them.”

“The technology exists. As long as we the people can agree that only legal votes should count.”

But pulling the weeds that are clogging up the system may take some time.

Obama, for example, “institutionalized” automatic voter registration through a wide range of federal benefits programs.

The system automatically registers people to vote, citizen or not, unless they opt out.

That means the only verification for many is their own verbal statement that they should be allowed to vote.

“It would be wonderful to believe everyone’s going to be honorable, that no one would shade the truth,” she told WND.

But actually, “the barn doors are wide open.”

She said her organization has done years of research, gathering all the public information about who is registered to vote and who votes.

She’s working now on compiling all the available information and putting it in a format that can provide comparisons.

It’s a starting point, and she hopes eventually it leads to processes that can provide information on illegal voters and have them removed from voter rolls.

“We’ve been in a regime that didn’t want the answer, so they didn’t allow the questions to be asked,” she said.

Trump has said repeatedly that he believes the votes of illegal aliens across the United States are responsible for Hillary Clinton garnering more votes nationwide. The issue flared again, both at a White House press briefing and in a pair of Trump tweets that announce his call for a formal probe.

Former Federal Elections Commission member Hans von Spakovsky now manages the Election Law Reform Initiative at the Heritage Foundation. While not weighing on Trump’s specific assertions, Von Spakovsky told WND and Radio America a thorough federal investigation into voting laws is clearly warranted.

“I think it’s long overdue,” he said. “There’s never been any systematic, organized effort by the federal government to try to improve and check on the election integrity of the United States. I think this is a great idea.”

He said Trump’s call is a radical departure from the Obama administration’s position.

“It’s a complete turnaround from the Obama administration, which for the past eight years has done everything it can to try to stop improvements in election integrity: things like Voter ID, things like verifying the citizenship of people who are registered to vote,” von Spakovsky said. “The Obama administration has tried to stop that and has minimized or basically said, ‘There’s no fraud to worry about anywhere.'”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Hans von Spakovsky:

After the 2012 election, WND compiled the a Big List of vote fraud reports, accessible at this link.

It noted there were 59 different Philadelphia voting districts in which Mitt Romney received zero votes compared to Obama’s 19,605. And in a Cleveland precinct, Obama beat Romney 542 to 0. Romney received zero votes in nine Cleveland precincts.


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