Imperial Beach sunset Feb. 19, 2017

Imperial Beach sunset Feb. 19, 2017

Mexicans released an estimated 143 million gallons of raw sewage into California beaches for a period spanning at least 18 days. There was no alert that it was coming. NAFTA and other international treaties that establish fair warning and other notification measures meant nothing to them. The sewage was pumping directly into California neighborhoods for weeks before there was any notice to tourists and home owners affected.

I live just north of Tijuana where this sewage was pumped.

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The reality is, few local politicians will even take a stand to do their jobs and protect their citizens because it is politically incorrect to oppose Mexico in any way. Not one Mexican official has condemned the bio warfare. Mexico has not apologized, nor has it made any commitments to fix the problem.

For all of the environmentalists who opine and scream, “The sky is falling!” over global warming or the destruction of a smelt fish, where is the indignation over the birds and water life endangered? For all of the children’s charity advocates who carefully ignore pre-born children and self-congratulate over raising money for art classes for children in America, where is the outrage over the possible disease and food contamination of said children in Southern California? Oh, wait. I get it. The children endangered here are “privileged,” so they don’t count.

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Residents of nearby South Bay San Diego areas can barely stand the stench.

Just this week, one Mexican congressman released photos of himself perched on the wall just where it meets the ocean. Many hoped it was one morally upstanding politician in the region doing what was right and calling attention to the injustice of Mexico’s intentional biological warfare.

It wasn’t.

He was protesting Trump’s wall. Surprise, surprise. And it turns out the punchy, rotund, little Mexican congressman may have Photoshopped himself into the picture! We could really laugh if this weren’t so disgusting.

A local radio station reported, “The mayor of Imperial Beach and other city officials, may have known about the massive sewage spill for weeks and kept that information from the public.”

If the International Boundary and Water Commission, or IBWC, knew about a pipe failure in January, why would it wait three entire weeks to inform residents and beach-goers?

The IBWC is an ineffective NGO (non-government organization) filled with leftist environmentalists who seek donations and grants to keep their jobs and salaries. They have a political agenda to remove President Trump. They say they will investigate, but they have a history of inefficacy, and residents know little or nothing will come of their so-called “investigation.” They are the same people who waited weeks to even admit there was a problem, remember?

Residents of the little beach towns say it is time for them to disband. There is zero confidence in their abilities to activate and monitor effective solutions to these problems.

The whisper campaign in my neighborhood is that this is direct biological warfare on America due to President Trump’s commitment to build the wall here. Many say that their relatives know the Mexican government is complicit, as are many politicians on this side of the border. That may be why citizens weren’t informed for so long, and why there is zero outrage or sanction by local politicians.

Some of us have a solution.

Now that the president is more committed than ever to building the wall, since the jesters have poked the bear and he is angry, how about if he adds a nice flushing system to the western end of the wall where it meets the Pacific Ocean? If the water released by Tijuana were pushed right back up to Tijuana, where it would naturally then flow out to sea to be filtered, then California beaches would be forever safe.

Residents would really appreciate this, and it would expose the inefficacy and corruption of so-called “environmentalist” organizations and politicians who accomplish nothing except soliciting grants for their own job continuations.

President Trump should do this first, so the Mexican government doesn’t have time to dump more sewage on California residents before the construction is in place.

Sanctions and arrests should take place after a thorough investigation by non-corrupted entities, such as our new EPA finally administrated by Scott Pruitt, a level-headed non-militant conservator of wildlife and natural resources (oh and by the way, someone who cares about humans, too).

Things like this continue to plague and expose the lies of the left, and ensure a solid supermajority in 2018, along with a re-election of President Trump in 2020. If there is a cup half full of anything here, it’s a champagne toast to that! Now that we have made America great again, it’s time to punch the bullies where it counts and Make California Great Again!  

As California goes, so goes America. If Mexico gets away with biological warfare now, others will follow. California secession isn’t a realistic prospect, so the fantasies over this need to stop. It’s time for this one, great nation under God to fire on all cylinders, and here is a toast to this president making that happen!

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