Have you noticed the Big Media have discovered someone they hate as much or more than Donald Trump?

His name, of course, is Steve Bannon, White House chief strategist.

How do I know this?

Because the press is full of unnamed-source stories gleefully predicting his imminent downfall in the Trump White House hierarchy.

Witness these headlines:

  • “Steve Bannon’s loss of power is turning him into a paranoid lunatic” – GQ Magazine
  • “Bannon and Spicer, architects of their own demise” – CNN
  • “Is Trump backing away from Steve Bannon?” – USA Today
  • “Why Bannon must go” – The Hill
  • “Sean Penn confirms Steve Bannon was a ‘bitter Hollywood wannabe'” – Huffington Post
  • And my favorite! “Steve Bannon isn’t a genius” – New York Times

Why are the leftist jackals in the media so eager to see Bannon go?

1) Because Bannon is as committed to accomplishing the Trump agenda laid out during the 2016 campaign every bit as much as Trump himself. (Can anyone honestly say that about everyone advising the president today?)
2) Because Bannon, as the chief executive officer of the Trump campaign, helped accomplish something that few in the media thought possible – beat Hillary Clinton. (No, he didn’t win the election single-handedly, and I’ve never heard him suggest that. Donald Trump’s name was on the ballot, and he won the election. But Bannon’s campaign won, and John Podesta’s didn’t.)
3) Because Bannon is a proven political strategist, and that’s what it takes to change the political culture in Washington and get things done. (The job of political strategy doesn’t end when governance begins.)
4) Because if Bannon falls, the sharks will just circle some other effective, committed Trump aides in hopes of taking them down one at a time.
5) Because Bannon doesn’t care about being loved by his ardent adversaries, only about defeating them.
6) Because Bannon, perhaps second only to Trump himself, has a genuine connection with the president’s base of support who elected him.
7) Because it’s good for Trump to have someone around who the media hate more than him.
8) Because Trump should have some close advisers who are not family members.
9) Because Bannon is not a “yes man” and will never just tell Trump what he wants to hear.
10) Because Bannon is as disdainful of the Big Media as I am, having declared war on them as chief executive officer of Breitbart.com, long before Trump did in the 2016 campaign, but, I might add, not before me.

Not only is this a list of why Trump’s worst enemies are now targeting Bannon, it’s also a list of reasons why Trump to stick with him and listen closely and carefully to his wise counsel. After all, as president, he always has the option to go another direction. That’s why the Bible says there is wisdom and safety in a multitude of counselors.

Bannon’s counsel certainly served him well during some serious crises during the campaign. Even I, a zealous public supporter of Trump who predicted long before he won the nomination that he would win the presidency easily, had some moments of deep anxiety in the last several months. And, nowadays, the campaign never really ends.

Does anyone really believe the media or the anti-Trumpers will think more highly of the Trump White House sans Bannon?

No way.

Do you think they will have more respect for Trump if Bannon goes?

Not going to happen.

Do you think they will suddenly take a new, fresh, objective look at what Trump is doing and say, “Hey, maybe we unfairly pre-judged this guy?”

Don’t make me laugh.

Do you think they want to help Trump succeed by freeing him of a “rogue” who is holding him back from real achievement?

Give me a break.

If I were Donald Trump, I would never give my enemies the satisfaction of allowing the one guy whom they hate so much to get away.

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