Since July, the left has been using its allies in the Obama White House and the media to try to build a case that Trump was colluding with Russia to steal the election.

It isn’t working.

They can’t produce a shred of evidence, and when confronted on it, they simply cite their many questions.

I really question the IQ of anyone who believes that simply asking a million questions about something with zero evidence, becomes evidence just based upon proliferation of questions. As a researcher and former university instructor, I can tell you that a professor worth his salt should fail anyone using that research methodology.

Remember during the campaign when their conspiracy was that Trump would be “dangerous” because he wouldn’t be able to get along with Putin? Then they decided he was colluding with him. Now they are back to saying he will get us into a war with Russia. The conspiracy theorists not only look vapid, but they look schizophrenic in their attempts to find something, anything to delegitimize Trump or those around him.

Chances are, they won’t stop and gather any dignity, though. All the while, the president has created more than half-a-million jobs, opened the pipelines disabling the financial prospects for ISIS, made an example out of Assad and an ally out of China, and is on his way to neutering the North Korean dictator. He’s busy while the “Chicken Little” leftists are screaming something about the sky falling. The only thing falling is their chance of winning anything in 2018.

The key to Trump’s move in Syria is not just that he did it but the decisiveness with which he did it. The gas attack happened, Trump condemned it, and that night he struck, while Chinese President Xi Jinping was sitting at dinner with him and having chocolate cake.

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That set the stage for him to be able to make his entree into Korea. China knows it can sincerely shut down the nuclear ability of North Korea because there is a new sheriff in the White House.

This was the bold master stroke of the president with the Midas touch. But we shouldn’t expect a simpleton to understand this curvy truth. Those who can only think linearly will never understand the master mind of President Donald Trump.

Even those in his own party are joining the “Chicken Little” choir, crowing about Trump being overtaken by globalists or flip-flopping on campaign promises. He isn’t. There is zero evidence for their conspiracy.

They say, “Well, Trump said he would declare China a currency manipulator, and he didn’t!” “Trump said he wouldn’t meddle in other countries problems, and he did!” “Trump says NATO is not obsolete anymore.” And finally, “Trump might fire Stephen Bannon, and that means he is a globalist!”

There are destination promises, and road-map promises. A destination promise is “I will fix taxes” or “I will kick ISIS …” or “I will defund Planned Parenthood.” A road-map promise can be changed because it is all about navigating moving obstacles. Linear thinkers will observe that Trump “flip-flopped” while non-linear thinkers know not to take any of these events in isolation, but rather, to look for the endgame in each event.

Syria was not the endgame. Condemning Chinese currency was never an endgame, either. It is about results, not the road to those results.

Trump only ever plays long ball. In the end, he wants to win, and he wins when the U.S. is No. 1 again on every front. That is the endgame.

As my friend, Bill Mitchell, tweeted, “#TheTrumpDoctrine is the world following America.  #Globalism is America following the world.”

And that’s the difference.

But you already knew that. Because you are smarter than a leftist.

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