The plague of the lawbreaking mentality of “sanctuary for illegal aliens” is spreading to smaller cities, and California stands out in that arena. Almost everywhere you look, there’s another proposal to protect people who are, on the face of it, lawbreakers.

As the Trump administration deals with the continued influx of illegal aliens into the country and the sanctuary movement progresses not only with declarations of protection for illegals, but armed with lawsuits on a variety of levels against the Trump administration, average Americans are cross-eyed with the barrage of insults aimed at them for believing that obeying the law is something intrinsic in citizenship.

The big guns came out last week as Attorney General Jeff Sessions took direct aim at the movement by declaring he will withhold law enforcement grants for jurisdictions that declare themselves sanctuaries.

While the reaction from politicians across the country was anger, those in California scurried like rats with varied levels of legal threats and insults against President Trump and his administration.

President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Dave Cortese called it “the same old extortion attempt.” His county is suing challenging the constitutionality of such federal moves.

State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, D-L.A., called it “nothing short of blackmail,” even as he introduced S.B. 54 in the Legislature, which would make California a sanctuary state.

Keep in mind that this man also said half of his family is in California illegally, using false documentation for identification.

Along the same line, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra called Sessions’ announcement a low blow to state and local governments.

Keep in mind, this is a man who says his parents were illegal aliens when he was born in this country.

ICE has updated its list of sanctuary states and cities in the country – it’s up to 150 now, and includes all of California and Connecticut.

But it’s not only big cities considering the sanctuary bandwagon. Pittsburg, California, wrestled with the issue and, at this point, appears to be rejecting it. They’re concerned about losing federal funding.

Yet not far away, just outside of San Francisco, the tiny (17,000) community of Moraga is being badgered by three recent college graduates, self-declared children of immigrants, to have the town declared a sanctuary.

The women made no comments about the legality of their families’ immigration statuses.

Their sales pitch is that “residents” need their privacy, that police should not “hunt down” illegals, and that people are afraid.

They don’t distinguish between legal and illegal residents, ignore assurances from Police Chief Jon King that his force would not seek out people’s immigration status and give no proof of the “fear” they allege.

The women have organized, made presentations to local government and continue their efforts.

Saint Mary’s College, in Moraga, has been asked by students and faculty to have the campus made a sanctuary, and local Boards of Education have declared their campuses will be “safe and welcoming for all students.”

It all sounds nice and makes some people feel good about themselves, but what’s really going on, and what does it mean?

It means this country is in trouble on a variety of levels, which become clearer each day.

Bottom line: It appears, we’ve lost any sense that there’s a right and wrong, that laws are meant to be obeyed and that it’s not up to individuals to decide which laws they will obey.

Never mind police, never mind the government, never mind common sense. We’re at a point when people believe they can pick and choose which laws they will obey and those they will ignore.

What’s a cop to do? What’s a community to do? What’s a school district to do? What’s an employer to do?

It’s bad enough when citizens of the United States are involved in such manic nonsense, but now we have people who are in this country illegally who are demanding that our laws should protect them regardless of their alien status – and, in fact, that the law should ignore that they are here illegally.

Yes, I said it – “alien” – no, not space people. It’s the legal term for a person who is in a country but not a citizen of that country.

Those millions of people who crossed our border illegally – without proper documentation – are, in fact, illegal aliens. I believe they need to be deported.

If they want to come back, they need to get in line with the thousands of others who are following the law to immigrate legally into this country.

My only caveat is, if they’re guilty of breaking other laws in this country – besides immigration laws – and a good number are, they should be tried, jailed and then deported.

If their home country won’t accept them – as many won’t – then we should deposit them just over the border of their home country and let that government deal with the legalities. We’re talking about their legal citizens.

There is no doubt that a country without secure borders is not a country, and we are on a path to that.

Willful disobedience of laws leads to anarchy, and we are on a path to that.

We’re in a situation where people here illegally are treated preferentially, even when they commit crimes from the minor to the horrifically violent.

We’re in a situation where we meekly accept criticism from Mexico because we want a secure border while at the same time Mexico enforces its southern border with police and troops and anyone caught crossing is jailed.

Unless, of course, they want to get to the United States. Then they’re given a privileged escort.

What monstrous hypocrites they are, and what fools we will be if we acquiesce.

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