By Bill Sardi

The global March For Science this past weekend featured scientists and science-minded others who embraced vaccination as a cornerstone of scientific achievement.

“Well-designed and meticulous studies [have established] the effectiveness and safety of vaccines for such diseases as measles, pertussis, varicella, and polio … and anti-vaxxers are putting people in danger. … The anti-vaccine lobby is bolstered by political leaders who echo ‘alternative facts’ about vaccines. Consequently, people are increasingly at risk for illness and death that vaccines had previously prevented.” [Los Angeles Times, April 17, 2017]

The pro-science campaign is a reactionary response to President Donald Trump lending an ear to the anti-vaccine movement. Trump met with vaccine skeptics during his presidential campaign.

The populist president is really going against the grain in suggesting a top-down scientific review of the nation’s vaccination program by the proposed establishment of a vaccine commission. But according to a Pew Research Center survey, 88 percent of Americans say the benefits of vaccination outweigh any risks.

Over 350 organizations have written President Trump to say they lend unequivocal support for vaccination and that anything less than that is unscientific (Washington Post, Feb 8, 2017).

Why do so many feel threatened by the few?

I wonder why advocates of vaccination appear so threatened by the few families that have not had their children vaccinated. The anti-vaccine movement has not gained any traction. The percentage of children age 19-35 months old having undergone vaccination is very high, ranging from 91 percent for chickenpox to 93.3 percent for polio and 84.2 percent for the 4-dose DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis/whooping cough) series of inoculations.

Furthermore, vaccination rates are reported to be on the rise. So what is all the fuss about the few who don’t get vaccinated and are supposedly protected by herd immunity?

Is the populist president of the United States left hanging out on a limb all by himself over the issue of vaccination? Trump giving an audience to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a leader of the anti-vaccine movement, represents scientific apostasy.

To oppose vaccination nowadays is akin to the believing the Earth is flat. But efforts to stamp out any opposition to vaccination without question or doubt suggests pro-vaccine forces preach dogma. Even free speech cannot be allowed because lives are said to be at risk.

But there is illogic there. If vaccines truly do afford long-term protection against infectious disease via memory T-cells that provoke antibodies, how could the unvaccinated pose a health threat to the vaccinated?

Health authorities have been quick to blame recent outbreaks of measles and whooping cough on unvaccinated children, and this has been used as an impetus to hurriedly pass mandatory vaccination laws in various states.

However, recent infectious disease outbreaks largely occurred among the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated.

The stark reality is that the newer synthetic acellular vaccines do not produce life-long immunity like the prior generation of vaccines made from attenuated (weakened) forms of live or killed viruses or bacteria.

Truth be told, booster shots and stronger adjuvants (thimerosal/mercury and aluminum) that heighten the immune response are now needed. Even they are failing in the long term.

Why must antibodies be produced solely by vaccines?

And why is there such an outrage over children being exposed to germs and developing antibodies naturally instead of developing them after vaccination? Commercialized antibody production is all that is allowed. Laws proposed to mandate vaccination as a requirement for entry to schools or jobs simply attempt to outlaw any natural transmission of infectious disease, if you can imagine that.

The flu shot conundrum: observation vs. CDC data

Everyone I know who has fallen to the suggestion to get a flu shot at the local pharmacy or at the doctor’s office has reported to me they came down with horrible symptoms of the flu – fever, vomiting, diarrhea, after inoculation. Yet modern medicine maintains flu shots are attenuated (weakened) viruses that prevent the disease.

The Centers For Disease Control maintains that a flu shot cannot give a person the flu and claims “almost all people who get influenza vaccine have no serious problems from it” – but CDC concedes that a few people may experience symptoms that last 1-2 days after vaccination. By my observation, everyone being inoculated for the flu that I know has come down with incapacitating symptoms for a couple of days after vaccination.

Vaccine-induced infection

Furthermore, there is the problem of vaccine-induced infection. The vaccinated can be silent carriers of an infectious disease and spread it to other family members, including vulnerable elders.

For example, children inoculated for chicken pox may spread the virus to older adults and induce a bout of shingles. According to a predictive mathematical model, elimination of chicken pox in a country the size of the U.S. would prevent 186 million cases of the pox and prevent 5,000 deaths over a 50-year period of time but would also result in 21 million cases of shingles and 5,000 deaths. [Journal American Medical Association, May 1, 2002; Vaccine Impact, April 23, 2017]

More likely to be infected from vaccines

Furthermore, it is more likely an unvaccinated child will be exposed to potentially pathogenic bacterial and viral infections from classmates who have been recently vaccinated than from any infection being transmitted in the population at large.

It may be blasphemy to challenge the great VAX-god, but this may be a false god when scrutinized fully.

Even in data used to justify the effectiveness of the flu vaccine in prevention of death among children, its effectiveness was as low as 54 percent (2010-11). Children in that study were considered vaccinated if they had undergone inoculation at least 14 days or more prior to death. But there was no investigation as to whether these children, who died with laboratory confirmed flu, were initially infected by recent vaccination or by other children who were vaccinated and were silent disease transmitters. [Medscape, April 3, 2017; Pediatrics, April 2017]

Pro-vaccine groups publish reams of studies to show lives are saved and hospitalizations prevented, not to mention all the agony of dealing with skin rashes, fevers and other symptoms of infectious disease that are avoided. That is seemingly convincing data. But there is more to the story.

Who has the scientific high ground?

But it may come as a surprise to learn pro-vaccine advocates do not hold the high scientific ground in the battle over whether to vaccinate or not vaccinate school-age children.

Surveying thousands of children, homeopathic physician Andreas Bachmair in Switzerland has assembled a comparison of health problems experienced by vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

Bachmair’s data is startling. Rates of allergy, autism, warts, motor skill problems and autoimmune problems are many times greater in vaccinated children.

Bachmair’s survey data are meaningful because almost half (43 percent) of U.S. children suffer from a chronic condition, disability or disease. Thanks to vaccines your kids may not get chicken pox, but they may be plagued with other chronic conditions throughout the rest of their lives.

Vaccination appears beneficial only in a narrow framework

Vaccination programs appear valid only in the narrow framework of poorly nourished populations, particularly where there is widespread deficiency of zinc.

It is no surprise to learn that the two groups that do not respond well to vaccines, the very young and the very old, are known to be zinc deficient.

Without sufficient zinc in the diet, or the inability to absorb or utilize zinc, the thymus gland located beneath the breastbone (sternum) shrinks, and naïve T-cells, needed to intercept new incoming biological threats and produce life-long antibodies, are lacking.

A hidden fact is that most well-nourished individuals experience mild or no symptoms when exposed to common infectious diseases and naturally develop antibodies that, unlike current vaccines, afford life-long protection.

Today we vaccinate 1,000 Americans to prevent one case of paralysis from poliomyelitis. Stated another way, 999 are vaccinated needlessly to prevent one from developing full-blown polio.

I took the time to investigate the scientific rationale for mass vaccination. What I concluded was that a mass program to provide adequate amounts of zinc to the population would obviate any need for mass vaccination. At the very least, zinc nutriture should be employed prior to vaccination to ensure adequate antibody production.

Want to learn more?

My 82-page documentary report that provides the science behind natural immunity based upon zinc is available at

The only way to improve the effectiveness of vaccines without endless booster shots and amped-up toxic heavy metal adjuvants is to provide zinc prior to inoculation.

The report is accompanied by a printable brochure that explains to parents how they can provide adequate amounts of zinc to their children prior to any course of vaccines.

Mandate zinc, not vaccines!

Bill Sardi is a medical researcher and author in the areas of health and nutrition. He has translated his experience in health care to write about compelling and sometimes complex health issues facing Americans. Bill has traveled to China, Japan, Greece, Israel and other countries to obtain firsthand knowledge. His books cover important practical topics, such as The New Truth About Vitamins and Minerals, The Iron Time Bomb, The Red Wine Pill, In Search of the World’s Best Water and Vitamin C Report. Bill reports for

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