Susan Rice is an interesting study in contrast – not only because she is a fall guy, i.e., patsy for Obama, but also because of the way liberals, skin-color mongers and man-hating feminists who glory in pretending to be victims view things.

Rice is the woman trotted out to lie and attempt to cover up for the misdeeds of Obama. We witnessed this after he allowed Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Dougherty and Sean Smith to be murdered in Benghazi as he, after watching godless Muslims attack the compound, had dinner and then flew to Hollywood to do fundraising. Now in response to his latest incident, the so-called “unmasking” of those surrounding President Trump and their personal communications, Rice is sent to assume blame again.

Even more humiliating for Rice, as she was attempting to lie her way around the “unmasking,” it was revealed that under Obama, the so-called intelligence community conducted sweeps and unmasked sitting lawmakers at least once a month. (See: “Circa: Intelligence Community Unmasks Members of Congress And Their Staff As Often As Once A Month”; Matt Vespa;; April 6, 2017.)

Add to that factoid that while a few congressional leaders are aware of this, the sitting members of Congress remain clueless that they’re appearing in redacted reports, having had their identities “unmasked” pursuant to routine communication with foreign representatives.

Specific to the aforementioned, the reason Rice was sent out to lie was to protect Obama from what could and certainly should be prosecution for abusing intelligence data. This is precisely why, when she stopped lying long enough to admit that she had attempted to “unmask” those surrounding Trump, she then spun new lies, claiming the “unmasking” wasn’t for political reasons.

But as the old saying goes, this is where the rubber meets the road with respect to what I want to emphasize: Rice at best is an unmitigated liar and at worst, like Hillary Clinton, has sold her soul and suffered repeated public humiliation for men who aren’t worth the air they breathe.

Sending Rice out to lie and suffer the public insults because Obama isn’t man enough to admit his misdeeds is the very kind of treatment radical feminists love to wear as a vestige of victimhood.

Why aren’t the radical, liberal women’s groups that are in a constant state of angst claiming they’re being abused my men, apoplectic that a spineless Obama uses a woman to suffer public indignities for what he wanted done. And make no mistake; there is no way Rice’s actions were taking place without White House approval.

Why aren’t these women’s groups caterwauling about the public abuse and mental anguish Rice is made to suffer by a man in the ultimate position of power who instead hides behind her dress?

It is the same thing with Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton has publicly humiliated Hillary to the point of making her a joke and a laughingstock. Why do the media that are quick to label all discussion of the criminality of Rice as racist and sexist not condemn the emotional abuse of Rice by Obama?

Why didn’t Obama send a man out to publicly lie about Benghazi since he didn’t have the guts to do it himself? Why did he send a “po little African-American” woman to suffer shame, public humiliation and face prosecution?

Liberals like Obama talk big, but at the end of the day they are craven sissy-boys who hide behind the skirts of women – while so-called women’s rights groups remain silent, blaming instead those who expose law breaking and claiming they do so only because they’re sexist and/or racist.

These feminists’ complicity in protecting the most cravenly debaucherous man ever to occupy the Oval Office is empirical proof of the absence of credibility of these so-called women’s rights groups. They willingly ignore the fact laws were broken at the insistence and instruction of a man in the quintessential seat of power and that the same man throws a poor woman to the wolves of public scrutiny.

Let me point out another fact others are unwilling to address. I am an unapologetic Christian conservative. As such, the accusation that I’m used by white Republicans to parrot their lies is inculcated into the minds of blacks. That inculcated accusation is then repeatedly expressed by the malleable-minded ignoramuses who call me and those like myself “house negroes” (but in the vernacular) and Uncle Tom. With that thought in mind, what can be reasonably said of Susan Rice, who at the drop of a hat runs to a camera and takes the blame for a man?

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