Before Saturday night, it was unthinkable for a president to skip the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Although, don’t mistake a president’s attendance for enjoyment.

Presidents have always had two main reasons for attending this gathering of the out-of-touch media elite. One: They fear the media. Two: They desire the media’s adulation.

The thought of skipping the WHCD was previously unthinkable. To disrespect the all-powerful media in that way would start a war.

What Republicans in D.C. have never understood was that the war had already begun. There was no amount of cozying up to journalists at swanky dinners that would make the media love them.

Republican presidents in the past hoped their respectful treatment and capitulation in the war with the media would somehow result in them giving up or being nice.

President Bush’s tactic of never defending himself as the media bashed him only emboldened the elitists and allowed them to paint him as a bumbling idiot.

President Trump is taking the opposite approach and is dismantling the mainstream media a little bit every day. Day 100 of the Trump presidency just passed, and if the media keep up their war on the president, they may be unrecognizable before the end of his presidency.

On Fox Business this week, I likened the media to “the person with lung cancer that won’t quit smoking.”

On Saturday night, the WHCD was dedicated to trashing President Trump, but this wasn’t the first time that happened.

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At the 2011 WHCD, when Donald Trump was reportedly contemplating a GOP primary run to challenge Obama in 2012, Seth Meyers spent two-and-a-half minutes on Trump. Meyers famously joked, “Donald Trump has been saying that he will run for president as a Republican … which is surprising, since I just assumed that he was running as a joke.”

An expressionless Donald Trump didn’t find it funny at all, and neither did anyone else outside of that room. Although President Trump denies it, you can almost see him deciding to run for president in that two-and-a-half minutes of bashing by Meyers.

The nasty treatment of Trump continued last night at the 2017 WHCD, and the media are so out of touch that they have no idea they are a laughingstock outside of their bubble in D.C. and New York City.

We weren’t laughing at the jokes told at the WHCD; we were laughing at the media who have become a joke.

Before Trump’s election, conservatives felt alone, and I was one of them. I, like many of you, would read a biased article or watch a slanted report on television and become so upset that some Americans out there could be falling prey to the media’s biased reporting.

With Trump’s election, voters in Middle America found out they weren’t alone, and we have a new view of the media.

Now, when we see a biased headline or a slanted TV news segment, we laugh!

We now know that we were never alone in our frustration and that there are countless millions out there who also recognized the fake news being spewed by the mainstream media.

The only ones being fooled now are the so-called journalists who believe they are still able to shape public opinion.

The media are only shooting themselves in the foot as they continue their overtly biased coverage, and we can only hope they keep it up.

WND has been on the forefront of exposing mainstream media bias, and it is an honor to be part of such a great organization.

This week, WND celebrates 20 years of reporting stories the mainstream media either ignored or distorted.

And it is great to have a president who is now fighting the media alongside us as WND begins its next 20 years taking on and providing an alternative to the lamestream mainstream media.

Congratulations to WND for an amazing 20 years!

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