Recent research from the Council on Contemporary Families has revealed how young American men view work and family. The Council has been tracking people’s answers to the same question about gender roles over time. The most recent results are indeed quite startling and, I suppose you could say, encouraging to some extent.

Back in 1977, 55 percent of men aged between 18-25 agreed that the ideal family arrangement was a male breadwinner and a female homemaker. By 1994, that figure fell to just 18 percent, only a marginally different result than what was recorded among women of the same age.

Quite naturally, that drop had everything to do with the rise of hardcore, militant feminism (which is still extremely prevalent today).

But when the survey was conducted again in 2014, the trend toward egalitarianism had reversed. According to the poll, 45 percent of young American men now favor a family arrangement where they go to work, and their female partner doesn’t (complementarianism). That’s an amazing rise of 250 percent since 1994!


Let me define “complementarianism.” It is derived from the word “complement,” which is something that completes or makes perfect; either of two parts or things needed to complete the whole; counterparts.

This definition perfectly sums up God’s wise designation of the two genders (yes, only two): male and female. Complementarians hold the view that God created the two genders as complementary expressions of the image of God – male and female are counterparts in reflecting his glory. Though both sexes bear God’s image fully on their own, each does so in a unique and distinct manner separate from each other. The union of male and female in Christ-honoring marriage reflects truths about the Christian faith that aren’t reflected by male alone or female alone.

Today’s society is riddled with brokenness and perversions of God’s intended design for sexuality. For example, “progressives” consider gender as being fluid – and certainly one can now choose to self-identify as “gender non-binary.” It is for these very reasons it is all the more important that we return toward the biblical roles for the two sexes, because when lines are blurred and boundaries are destroyed, we find ourselves on the slippery slope roller-coasting toward homosexuality, lesbianism, transssexuality and so forth.

As the late Phyllis Schlafly said in 1977, talking about feminism, “If man is targeted as the enemy, and the ultimate goal of women’s liberation is independence from men and the avoidance of pregnancy and its consequences, then lesbianism is logically the highest form in the ritual of women’s liberation.”

Feminist conspiracy theorists continue to maintain that male-female role differences create an “over-under” hierarchy in which men, who they deem as being like the privileged, French elites (bourgeois) of the 18th century, keep women – who are like the lower, underprivileged class of peasants (proletariat) – subservient.

However, complementarians do not believe that men are higher in worth than women. It is abundantly clear in Scripture that God has made both men and women equal in terms of worth and value. Men are in no way superior to women. Women are not the “second sex” or a lower class, as would be found in religions like Islam. Men have the God-given responsibility to exercise biblical headship in their homes and church family, and Christ revolutionized the definition of what that means. Authority is not the right to rule or to act like a complete tyrant; it’s the responsibility to lead through servanthood, sacrifice, love and respect.

Guys should be the ones financially providing for women. Women should work in the home caring for the kids and attending to household duties. God created men to be strong, to protect, to provide and to spiritually nourish. He created women to be more caring, more emotional, to have babies and to share the responsibility of caring for their children. Those are biological facts. There’s nothing “sexist” or “misogynistic” about that. This should not be somehow seen as a bad thing but rather a wonderful expression of God’s amazing and loving design for humanity – that He saw fit to make women complement men in their functions.

For example, in the military there are operational members (i.e. soldiers, Marines, combat pilots, sailors), and then there’s operational support such as cooks, cleaners, medics, signals officers, logistics personnel and so forth. The roles of all members from both facets of the military are equally important. Without cooks, the troops wouldn’t be able to engage in combat and win battles, etc. This is what it means to complement each other. Imagine if the entire military were made up of soldiers only or cooks only. For a start, we wouldn’t even have an actual military in the first place! We need to start realizing the importance of complementarianism and rejecting the Marxist philosophy of egalitarianism, which is not only totally against God’s will for mankind, but is also a complete sham.

Ever heard the phrase “God’s ways work”? It’s because they really do. That’s why switched-on millenial guys today are starting to wake up and hunger for the complementarian model – God’s way – rather than the egalitarian view which leads to crumbling relationships, the obliteration of the gender roles, the emasculation of men and the collapse of society by lonely, neglected and undisciplined children.

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