Pat Buchanan: I love the clarity and substance of your columns! As soon as I heard that James Comey had interviewed Hillary without sworn testimony nor recording, as the FBI does with other criminal suspects, I knew the “fix” was in, the integrity of the FBI had been compromised and Comey had to go.

More examples of Comey’s incompetence seems to come out daily. Since all FBI directors serve at the pleasure of the president, Mr. Trump had the absolute right to fire Comey.

If the media want a “constitutional crisis,” let them look back on the Obama presidency, let them see a man who holds absolute contempt for the Constitution and, in fact, for the USA, our customs, morals, Judeo/Christian faith and our very existence.

Nixon: one of our greatest presidents, a good man beleaguered by enemies of liberty. I voted for him, and I’d do so again. His demise was part of the left’s plot to destroy America and revenge for Nixon’s part in the exposing of Communists in our government.

Joseph Rush Wills II

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