Dear Editor Farah,

Our Constitution was written by some of the most erudite people that ever lived on this continent. It was written in plain language so that it was easy to understand. It limits the authority of the federal government and provides a “Bill of Rights” to protect the People from government oppression/excesses. It provides for a system of checks and balances among the three branches of government and a mechanism whereby it can be amended if needs be. I leaves the states and the People with all rights that are not granted to the government by the Constitution nor prohibited to the government by the states.

The problem is we are not observing our Constitution. Presidents have ignored the Constitution ever since Woodrow Wilson declared it to be a “living breathing document” that somehow evolves with the times without any input from the people it was written to protect. Obama turned this idea into an art form by almost totally ignoring the Constitution and simply reverting to “his pen and his phone.”

The courts are completely out of control and are usurping the authority of the legislative branch. We need a Judiciary that enforces the Constitution’s original ideas and ideals, and our country will begin to work again.

Our country needs to return to the values and the government that our intelligent founders worked so hard to give us – as Ben Franklin replied to Mrs. Powell, “We have a republic, if you can keep it.” A republic that was bought a paid for with the blood of patriots (at least since the Boston Massacre in 1770) and kept alive through through two wars with Great Britain, a great Civil War, two great World Wars and countless other wars that shed the blood of heroes.

God help us if our Constitution is ever overhauled or re-written by the likes of the people who are writing our laws today. We will end up with two countries or another civil war.

Sam Brown

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