Dear Mr. Farah:

As a loyal WND customer, I want to thank you today for your column titled: “Why the GOP infatuation with Merrick Garland?”

I am one-third the way through Jayna Davis’ book “The Third Terrorist,” about the Oklahoma City bombing. Not only did I immediately remember the initial 1995 news reports regarding the possible involvement of an Arab/Muslim, I also immediately began wondering who it was in the U.S. government who squelched the FBI’s investigation before I even got to page 25 of the book. Jayna Davis laid out convincing evidence of a cover-up along with plenty of evidence of Iraqi/Muslim involvement. The book is really making me angry.

So thank you for telling me in your article that Merrick Garland and Jamie Gorlick had their fingerprints on it.

I strongly encourage you to keep hammering away on this cover-up on a daily basis. The USA cannot have Merrick Garland and these evil people in our government. Ever. I do hope that President Trump reads your work.

Bill Barnes

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