Freedom is not a universal value. It is unique to America as a value. We not only want it so much we are willing to die for it, but we also want it so much for others that we are willing to die to deliver them from tyranny.

Power is the only universal value.

But human power is a lie. The only real power lies in the hands of a God who will be sure we ultimately know that truth.

Therefore, the world’s only universal value is a lie. And America really does possess something unique to the rest of the world.

The left does not believe this truth, and I believe the Democrat elite have taken to criminal activity to defend their truth: power.

I believe this is the reason for their apoplectic attack on anyone who wants further investigation of the Seth Rich murder, for example.

For a while, I honestly believed that there was nothing to the Seth Rich conspiracy, but I am beginning to change my mind upon studying the behavior and psychology of the left.

Honestly, if the left were merely quiet, or if they were adding their voice to the chorus of those demanding an investigation into the death of one of their own, I would think those speculating that Mr. Rich’s death was an inside job were off base.

But they’re not, and this speaks volumes about how important it is to them that their power structure is maintained at the expense of a life, and of truth. WND has kept track of the mysterious timeline surrounding the murder of Seth Rich.

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The left is circling the wagons to be certain no voice asking for investigation will be heard. It has shut down and threatened virtually every media voice asking for answers.

The left attacked Sean Hannity’s advertisers in an effort to silence him on the issue. But Seth Rich was one of them. Why wouldn’t they want answers?

On “America Trends,” I asked Cassandra Fairbanks about the hatred being spewed at anyone talking about the Seth Rich murder.

A couple of things are valid reasons to ask questions about the death of Seth Rich:

  • Seth Rich was shot in the back
  • His wallet and watch were not stolen
  • Julian Assange all but confirmed he was the source of DNC leaks
  • The left is attacking anyone who asks questions about the murder

The Seth Rich murder leaves us asking a lot of questions, but as of now, we don’t have many answers.

Washington, D.C., is very dangerous city. It’s a sad reality that many people are murdered in D.C. by power grabbers drunk and addicted to their own lies.

I previously believed the Seth Rich murder was nothing more than another life lost tragically in one of America’s most dangerous cities.

What doesn’t make sense is why the left is trying to stop anyone from looking into it any further.

When I appeared on Hannity a few days ago, the topic of that particular segment had nothing to do with Seth Rich, but the hatred spewed at me online was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before – all for the sin of being associated with Sean Hannity.

The left wants to blur the lines between good and evil, between rational and irrational, between right and wrong, and between free and captive. The elites in D.C. don’t care if America is a cemetery next Memorial Day, as long as they are in power during the undertaking.

We have made their job easier. Originally, Memorial Day was called Decoration Day, and it was the day Americans reserved to decorate the graves of the fallen after the Civil War.

During World War II, 12 percent of Americans were military families.

Today, less than 0.5 percent of the population has served in the Armed Forces.

Even those in the military know there is almost no chance they will ever see actual combat, as the rules of engagement have changed.

It is in our communities that we love and learn about things for which we fight. With the erosion of neighborhoods, churches and even social clubs comes a narcissism that America has never known. We don’t demand that our children know history, the Constitution, Judeo Christian doctrine or even much about Western civilization.

The erosion of learning is emblematic of a lack of understanding of what we are fighting for. Freedom isn’t free, and everyone who fights for it understands that. But few have to fight for it today, so with that comes a social and cultural complacency that lends itself to easy invasion of the ultimate false truth – that power is all that matters to anyone.

If the universal social construct of power as the ultimate end to all goals prevails, we become an “every man for himself” kind of a world – a literal sociopathology.

Then what?

Conservatives, even when misguided, would surrender their own power, money and lives to be sure they are free, and that others are, too. Today, very few others would be so selfless and sacrificial. That is how much the world needs you this Memorial Day – more than ever before.

The power of God is real and proven and beyond our comprehension, yet there is a fundamental understanding of this unique to the American soul, and given by God.

If you ever doubt American exceptionalism, remember this. And then remember the God who granted it. And then know that you are a rare and courageous necessity to the last stand for freedom in this world! And our fallen freedom fighters will one day thank you for continuing their fight for freedom in the greatest nation ever to exist in this world. And I thank you, too! God bless our America!

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