To listen to the Democratic National Committee, the major media and the Washington, D.C., police department, the murder of Seth Rich last year is a simple case of a random, violent, unsolved street crime in the nation’s capital.

Maybe that’s true.

But there are enough peculiarities about the way this case has been investigated to suggest otherwise.

Here are only a few:

  • Police never questioned the slain DNC information technology employee’s co-workers, as would be routine in a homicide investigation.
  • Police never questioned the owner and other employees of the bar Rich had left shortly before he was murdered.
  • Police never viewed the surveillance cameras in and around the bar that might show if anyone left with Rich or was following him.
  • Police in Washington’s overwhelming Democratic city have had a strange relationship with the DNC throughout the investigation. When a private investigator called police to check on progress in the case, he was called back by then DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile.
  • The DNC has provided a media spokesman for the Rich family.
  • The DNC has denied any suggestion that Rich may have been working with WikiLeaks on the huge dump of emails released during the campaign last year, insisting, of course, on its narrative of a Russian hack.

In short, the DNC seems to be attempting to guide the police investigation from even considering the possibility that Rich’s murder could have anything to do with his work.

That’s a huge red flag and borders on obstruction of justice considering the total political control Democrats wields over the city.

So, what’s going on here?

Will Rich’s murder be just another unsolved crime for which there is no apparent motive and no suspects?

The concern about a possible cover-up in this case is reaching epidemic proportions throughout the U.S. And the attitude of the so-called “mainstream media” only compounds those concerns.

Why are the media so stridently incurious? Don’t they want to solve the murder by following standard investigatory protocols and by investigating all the possibilities? Why should this murder case be handled differently than every other murder case? Why are the reporters and news organizations and private investigators who ask questions about the lack of progress in the case vilified as “conspiracy theorists”?

And what’s the obvious solution?

In the case of the allegations of Russian involvement in the hacking of the DNC during the 2016 election campaign, a special counsel has been appointed to oversee the investigation.

Yet, after many months of multiple investigations, no evidence of Russian involvement has been produced.

Meanwhile, we have the Seth Rich murder case – seemingly going nowhere, with DNC officials openly restricting the flow of information.

Is it possible Seth Rich could have been involved in leaking DNC emails to WikiLeaks, as even Julian Assange has broadly hinted? Could it be that Rich, and possibly others at the DNC, risked their lives as whistleblowers to reveal scandal within the DNC – only to see their heroic work attributed to Russia for political reasons?

I’m not certain. But I am curious. And I can’t understand why others would attempt to thwart an open and honest murder investigation by narrowing the parameters of the probe. What would be their motivation?

Does that make sense?

That’s my case for a truly independent counsel investigation. This shouldn’t take a year to conduct. After all, it’s a murder case. The focus should be on who was responsible – like any other murder case. Who had the motive, means and opportunity? And all the evidence should be examined without regard to where the investigation leads.

What’s wrong with that?

Why should that even be controversial?

It’s time to conduct a real investigation into the murder of Seth Rich – for his sake, his family’s sake and for the sake of the American people and the principle of equal justice under the law.

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