Conservatives should always remember that in modern America there’s reality and then there’s the false media narrative driven by the Washington Post and New York Times. Far too many conservative leaders confuse the two and inadvertently lend undeserved weight to the false narrative.

Case in point is the James Comey firing. I’ve never seen such hand-wringing by conservatives over an event that should have us dancing in the streets. In firing the treacherous self-dealer Comey, despite knowing the political fallout he would face, Trump showed both the courage and independence from the Deep State we thought he had lost in his capitulation to the warmongers on Syria. In short, Trump finally restarted the pump he took with him into the White House for draining the swamp.

What is more, in hosting both Henry Kissinger and the Russian foreign minister and ambassador on the day after he pulled the trigger on Comey, Trump took on the false narrative masterfully. He showed that he was not only not intimidated by the elites’ Russian-collusion strategy and its supposed parallels to Watergate, he boldly upped the ante by handing the propagandists more evidence of “collusion” on a silver platter – in their favorite format: pictures. He literally posed for pictures with Kissinger and the Russians as the leftist propagandists were preparing their video for the evening news! Reports are that the media were stunned. Once again, Trump was playing them like a violin, though few yet recognize it.

As far as I can see, only the ever-brilliant Rush Limbaugh recognized the reality of Trump’s genius in all this, while so many other conservative analysts have bought and indeed perpetuated the narrative that Trump is lost in confusion and disarray. When will our people finally realize that Trump thrives on media-created chaos? He never seems to lose his grasp of reality no matter how severe the storm appears in the virtual world of media spin and punditry.

I’m not saying President Trump is infallible. Clearly, he makes mistakes. And I wish he were more ideological than pragmatic in his style. That recent “religious freedom” executive order was so tepid as to be insulting, and he’s clearly in error (and I think unprofessional) in allowing his far-too-liberal daughter and her husband to sway his policy decisions. However, what I perceive in the still very short time Mr. Trump has been in office is that while he may veer off the path of his campaign promises due to the practical realities of Washington politics (I still think his illegal Syria airstrike was the price he was forced to pay to get the Gorsuch confirmation), he seem to be playing the long game and still have his eye on the goals we sent him to D.C. to accomplish. The Comey firing proves that.

Trump’s most important achievement thus far is his exposure of the Deep State. Only a true outsider with a genuinely populist agenda could produce this result because the Deep State prefers, in fact needs, to stay in the shadows to stay in control. Trump has forced it into the open – at least the fact that it exists as a fully integrated network across government, media and the NGOs. The most obvious players are politicians like Comey and the RINOs in Congress (and I predict the RINOs will face a major accounting in the mid-term elections), but the rest are not so easy to identify in the short term. Rooting out and replacing the individual agents of the elites will require a lot of time and effort, and unfortunately far too much compromise on policy in the interim. However, policy can be revised later when the swamp is finally drained.

For the past few weeks I’ve really wondered whether President Trump had the steel in his spine to persevere in his campaign promises. The Comey firing convinces me that he does. So long as he keeps moving in the right direction, and making clear that the compromises I dislike are being forced on him by the remaining obstructionists in the GOP and other centers of globalist power, I’ll continue to support him. I’m basically keeping my powder dry until the midterm elections, after which I’ll expect more and better results.

Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the reassuring thrum of the pump as it slowly but surely drains the swamp, making real and lasting change finally possible.

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