It’s not for lack of precedent that Republicans are known as the “Stupid Party,” and that by their most loyal supporters. Building consensus across the aisle may at times be a good way to govern. When you are in a war and the enemy is killing you – literally – it’s not.

“If we had a Republican Congress, with a clear majority in both the House and the Senate – and a Republican president to sign our bills into law – why, we could do wonderful things for you!” For those who are new to this line of thought, let me suggest a productive course of action. Laugh until you fall out of your chair and then roll around on the floor, laughing some more. Repeat until breathless!

Before we get to what a Republican Congress should do after its members are shot at and perhaps killed, let’s look at some things they shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t complain about the propaganda stories in the mainlining media. They’re simply dispensing drugs to their wounded. It’s a false battle front in the war to save America.
  • Don’t conduct “hearings” into the fake scandals generated by the out-of-power, loser party. You just give credence to their fantasies.
  • Don’t tolerate an attack on a fellow Republican, whether it’s the president, a Cabinet official, or another legislator. Send a delegation to talk to the person privately.
  • Don’t apologize to the out-of-power, loser party that beat the country into the ground for their own benefit and in support of their own illegal and immoral agenda.
  • Don’t let the out-of-power, loser party set the agenda for the nation. Ignore!

Instead, do this, please. Try it, just a few times. You might – I can’t say that you will, but you might – find that you enjoy doing something for the rest of the nation, even if it upsets the loser party. Start with this:

  • Immediately begin implementation of the new Republican president’s agenda. By doing so, you will accomplish something, even if it is not perfect. Whatever it is, it will be better than what we have now.
  • Shut down the special counsel. He’s a swamp creature rewarding his old lawyer pals for one last time from the public purse. He wants to investigate a crime that no one can articulate and which even the previous administration could not find any evidence of. In case you don’t know – but many of you do – this is an effort by the loser-party, the bureaucrats and their unions to insure that none of the new president’s agenda is ever implemented and that things do not get better, which means that next time you will become the loser party.
  • Begin investigating crimes committed by the loser party during the last eight years of its tenure. Start with Hillary Clinton’s use of the State Department as her private piggy bank, you know, the one with the Clinton Foundation stickers on it, where the money was buying access to President-in-Waiting Hillary. Next, demand that the Department of Justice prosecute her as any other federal employee would be who sent classified documents out onto the Internet for all to see.
  • Begin regular impeachment hearings of the federal judiciary. Any judge who has demonstrated partisanship through campaign contributions, especially if it appears he or she bought a judiciary office from the previous administration, must be removed from office. Include for impeachment those judges who think they control the nation’s borders and are granting non-citizens the rights only U.S. citizens have. They have already demonstrated poor judgment.
  • Impeach the IRS Commissioner Koskinen, who saw the previous administration use the IRS to alter the outcome of the 2012 elections by suppressing Republican political organizations and punishing donors. He cannot be allowed to retire. Terminate union representation for IRS employees as punishment.

If you need help with any of this, go and talk to the new president. We elected him as president because he wasn’t you. We think he knows what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

We’d really appreciate your help! We want to save the nation from barbarism and terrorists, whether they come from overseas, originate internally, or are members of the loser party, big media, academia, Hollywood or the crony-capitalist corporate structure.

We want to restore the middle class, so that we make fewer poor people, not more, as the loser party wishes to do, so that it can be returned to power. We want to insure everyone is educated in American exceptionalism, in return for the vast sums of public money we spend on public education.

There is much more than this that needs to be done, but this should get you started. If you actually do something, and the nation becomes better for your actions while the loser party screams WOLF-WOLF-WOLF, more of you will be voted into office at the next election, and the loser party will shrink even further, becoming successful only at being even bigger losers.

So please, give it a try. We’re really sick of what you’re doing now. Thank you.

Why violence against Republicans may not be as it appears.

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