Leftist global-warming nuts are angry that someone else is daring to compete with them at their own propaganda game.

It’s just not fair, say the warmist wackos. We all know man-caused global warming is a reality. For the good of the planet, no one is allowed to dispute it, nor promote a differing opinion.

But according to the Fiscal Times, who sympathize with the lefty warming crazies, another group is not only challenging the set-in-stone fact, but is having success in convincing American children that man-caused warming is a myth. And worse – they are advancing the notion that the use of coal, oil and gas is actually a good thing.

No, not the children! Yes, I’m afraid so. The American petroleum industry has made inroads in convincing, or maybe brainwashing, our impressionable youngsters and turning them into, dare I say, global-warming SKEPTICS.

How could this have happened? It has taken decades, but the warmists have co-opted virtually every kid-friendly medium – all but taken over entire children’s networks like the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Virtually all of Hollywood, including almost every child actor, has been turned into a mindless warmist zombie.

For years we have successfully demonized the energy industry by lecturing to little children about the catastrophe of carbon emissions and how the use of fossil fuels is the No. 1 source of the planet-killing gas. America’s children are supposed to adhere to the religious doctrine that fossil fuels are evil and Big Oil is the devil himself.

However, in the state of Oklahoma, school children are now being exposed to new and subversive material. The Fiscal Times writes, “An eye-opening account by the Center for Public Integrity and NPR member stations in Oklahoma has documented the somewhat insidious practices of an industry that is winning the hearts and minds of young people with classroom books, special curriculums, computers and other teaching aids that have been eagerly accepted by many underfunded school systems.” Oh the horror!

Do they cite an example of these “insidious” practices? Why yes, they do: a set of books and eBooks produced by the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board and used in the classrooms of elementary schools. The Times adds that Oklahoma is one of four states that promote state legislation requiring educators to teach “both sides” of the warming debate. The others are Colorado, Kansas and Montana.

Sheesh! What’s next – discussing God?

“First-graders were gathered at the Jefferson elementary school in Pryor, Oklahoma, where they were entertained by two Republican state legislators, Tom Gann and Marty Quinn, who are closely allied to the energy industry,” the Times writes. “The lawmakers read aloud from ‘Petro Pete’s Big Bad Dream,’ a parable about what a ‘nightmare’ life would be without petroleum byproducts.”

In the book, Petro Pete (love that) dreams that he wakes up to find virtually everything he owns is missing – his clothes, toothbrush, bike tires, everything. This is the nightmare of a world without petroleum.

Having just viewed this eBook, I can say without doubt it is the finest children’s book I’ve seen since “Heather has Two Mommies.” It is a laugh riot. It doesn’t intend to be, but knowing of the warming indoctrination children experience in schools today, it was so refreshing that I couldn’t help but just laugh … and frankly cheer. It is a must-view!

We on the right, especially us man-caused global warming deniers, have been so beaten down for so many years that we sometimes think the fight may not be winnable – even with a President Trump in the White House.

But after seeing this, particularly that the material is aimed at children, I have renewed faith that common sense may once again rule the day. It must be so, or the Fiscal Times would not pen such a lengthy article filled with panic and dire warning.

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