What was it that prompted the inexcusable and heinous terror attack Monday on Muslims in a North London community?

Let me count them:

  • The absolute refusal of government officials in England, Europe and, to a great extent, in the U.S. to comprehend the incendiary, open-door policies they were conducting for years with regard to so-called “refugees” from the Middle East.
  • The absolute refusal to deal honestly with terror attack after terror attack by Muslims in the West.
  • The absolute harassment and vilification of those critical of the policies above – those who warned that denial of reality would lead inevitably to counter-attacks because government was not doing a responsible job of protecting its citizens.
  • The absolute refusal collectively of Muslim leaders and Muslim communities in the West to denounce categorically all forms of terrorism and to do something meaningful about it in their own mosques.

Again, just so there is no mistaking what I am saying here, none of these contributing factors excuse for one minute the repulsive attack on Muslims in North London.

I denounce it. I reject it without equivocation. I am repulsed by it. It sickens me.

Yet, it was inevitable because of the politically correct way most Western governments have bent over backward pretending that terrorism would go away if only we didn’t recognize most of it was associated with Islam.

It was inevitable because officials put their heads in the sand and refused to recognize that people can only take so much abuse before they take matters into their own hands.

It was inevitable because the terror attacks were often blamed not on those who perpetrated them, but on the fear they were intended to cause – the very nature of terrorism.

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When terror attacks occurred in the past, officials – even the media – sought to look elsewhere for the motive. The last place government officials and media outlets looked for the cause was the most obvious one. They feared discovering that each new attack was conducted by young Islamic men, so they eagerly looked elsewhere for the cause – often blaming “Islamophobia.”

The above reality has been so obvious that even unintelligent, morally repugnant bigots and would-be murders like the assailants involved in the North London attack noticed the trend.

I don’t know what percent of the public these haters represent. But I am willing to bet it is not insignificant.

Were liberal Western governments and media outlets trying to start a civil war?

I don’t believe that. I don’t want to believe it. But, if they were not, it’s hard to imagine they could have done more to inflame the situation, to ignite the inevitable counter-attack, to fuel the fires of hate with name-calling and marginalization of valid concerns about citizen safety.

How did they do that? By ignoring reality. By pretending that it didn’t matter how many refugees a community was forced to absorb before it was a different community altogether. By asserting that anyone who disagreed with such absurd notions was a hater. By suggesting that terrorism had nothing to do with Islam. By endlessly excusing Islamic terrorism by insisting Islam was exclusively a “religion of peace.”

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Each time government and media so twisted the truth, it increased the threat of retaliatory violence like we saw in North London.

Each time the simple complaints of ordinary citizens were dismissed as mere “Islamophobia,” it increased the threat of retaliatory violence like we saw in North London.

Each time government and media blindly covered up rape epidemics, no-go zones and the incongruence of Shariah law and Western values, it increased the threat of retaliatory violence like we saw in North London.

Do I expect anything to change? Not at all. Will they wake up to reality to avoid future attacks like this? I don’t think so. Will the chaos and violence escalate? I’m not sure it can be contained.

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