My prayers go out to you for your loss [“The quiet passing of Lil’ Cowgirl”]. My wife and I are very attached to our own pets, and we have lost several over the years.

I’d like to share one thought with you that makes our pets so much more meaningful to me. I really believe that God has made it possible for us to bond with our pets because they remind us of Him and what He can do. When I look closely into the eyes of our pets I see so much is there – intelligence, feelings and awareness. I know they are not on the same level as we are, but just the fact that they are as they are is, to me, an outright miracle. Every time I hold one of our pets to show them love and affection, I think of God and how they are really His creation and a gift to us.

So I don’t think your column was out of place at all. You were just expressing your gratitude for God and the blessings He has given us.


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