(New York Daily News) — More than 660 people have been killed by American police so far in 2017. This year is on pace to be the deadliest on record for people killed by American police since national databases began keeping track in 2013. No other developed nation in the world has 10% of that number. We are experiencing a full-blown crisis of police brutality in this country, but it’s hardly getting any coverage as Donald Trump absolutely sucks the wind out of the news cycle every single day.

A few weeks ago, a buddy of mine told me “Shaun — I don’t think this country is ever really going to give a damn about police brutality until they see it destroying the lives of white families.” I think he’s right. That’s the American way. It’s what we’re basically seeing with the opioid crisis in our country right now. As our nation seems to be coming to grips with the alarming crisis of drug addiction affecting and destroying families from coast to coast, we’re beginning to see emergency solutions bust right on through the war on drugs. The level of humanity and compassion being shown to those affected by the opioid crisis is right. I support it. But that same humanity and compassion was absolutely missing during the crack epidemic of the 80s and 90s. Instead, America’s jails and prisons were stocked full with addicts and dealers alike.

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