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This day in WND history: Now your book can get published

Media earthquake: Now your book can get published

July 29, 2015: Complementing its 16-year-old, industry-leading WND Books arm, which has set the standard in publishing throughout the world with its record-breaking performance of achieving New York Times bestseller status for 10 percent of its releases, WND announced a service for those who want to self-publish their work, but just need a hand navigating the murky waters.

The revolutionary publishing division, World Ahead Press, is designed to give you a fighting chance to publish a quality work, help you market it and compete effectively in the competitive environment – especially for conservative and Christian authors.

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Man waits 6 hours with knife in brain

July 29, 2003: A fully conscious New Zealand man waited six hours – in pain – while surgeons debated the best course of action to remove a knife that had been embedded deep into his brain.

Stabbed in an altercation at 4 a.m., the unnamed victim waited until 10:00 a.m. before being admitted to surgery. Though it had to be done quickly, such a delicate surgery needed some planning prior to the operation to remove the knife.

“It’s not the kind of operation we wanted to do at the end of the night,” said Martin Hunn, a Wellington Hospital neurosurgeon.

Whatever foolishness the man might have been involved in leading up to his injury, Hunn said he was smart not have tried to remove the knife himself.

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WND’s foreign relations

July 29, 2002: A story from the official news agency of the Beijing government charged the Western news media have been painting “a sinister picture of China,” emphasizing its threat to peace.

Chief among the screed’s complaints was a story appearing three days earlier in WND.

“Yes,” wrote editor Joseph Farah, “WorldNetDaily, an upstart, independent online news source dwarfed in budget and resources by all the other press institutions cited by the report, is making an impact – an impact even felt across the globe.
“The totalitarian government of China, ruling over 1.2 billion subjects, considers WorldNetDaily its most severe – and effective – critic in the Western media. For that I am proud.”

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