President Trump has been under a savage attack by the media since the day he announced he was running for president. A left-wing political activist openly calls for jihad against him. Celebrities make death threats against the commander-in-chief, including one who posted a gory photo depicting her holding his severed head. A public play depicts Trump’s murder, gleefully sponsored by major corporations.

One talk-show host, former law-enforcement officer and pastor-author believes it’s more than simple political opposition. Carl Gallups, author of “When The Lion Roars,” contends the opposition to Trump is nothing short of demonic.

“It’s spiritual and it’s demonic and it’s a new day,” Gallups recently opined on “The Jim Bakker Show.” “It’s a shame. And there’s so much hypocrisy involved.”

Gallups said he is a believer in free speech and freedom of the arts, but the former officer warned there are “lines” people can step over, especially when they are directly inciting people to violence, particularly against the president of the United States. Gallups suggested even liberals know that what they are doing is wrong, illustrating his point with a simple thought experiment.

“I’m not trying to be trite about this, but I always look at the opposite first,” he said. “What if that was a tea-party member that held up the head in mockery of a president, any president, the president before Trump?”

Gallups noted the looks of horror on the faces of members of the studio audience.

“Just thinking that, all of us are [silent], thinking, ‘Oh, my gosh,'” he said. “That’s how bad this was. What if it was the tea party which was putting on Shakespeare in the Park and presenting the same thing? So when people say, ‘What’s wrong with this, it’s freedom of expression!’ Well, that’s the first illustration I try to give. Think of it this way.”

Bakker referenced the case of Michelle Carter, who was recently convicted and imprisoned for telling her boyfriend to kill himself. However, Bakker noted acidly, celebrities can openly urge the murder of the president of the United States, seemingly without consequence.

Gallups sees prophetic significance in the ferocity of the opposition to Trump and in how many progressives seem to have lost their minds.

“The Bible speaks in the last days of being given over to a depraved mind, of truth being thrown to the ground, eventually there will come the man of lawlessness, who the world will gather around and say … this man is like God,” the pastor said. “There will be a generation like us that sees that, I don’t know if it’s us, but this is what I’m saying, it’s complex. This is what’s happening before our eyes … truth has been turned upside down.”

Gallups suggested the country itself is under demonic attack.

“We are in the throes of an attempted takeover of this nation,” he claimed. “And it’s been a long time coming. We are the largest Christian nation the planet has ever seen. With all of its evil, we’re the best there is. And that’s it. Satan hates us; we’re his target. The globalists hate us because in order for the Antichrist to come to power, America has to somehow go away. The constitutional republic, the national sovereignty, the military might and the economic engine has to go away or the globalists can’t seize control. We’re watching all of that in action.”

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A number of pastors and spiritual leaders have claimed Trump’s election was a “reprieve” for America and a response to prayer. One author, the “fireman prophet” Mark Taylor, claims he received a direct prophecy from God in 2011 telling him Trump would become president.

Taylor chronicles the extraordinary story in his new book, “The Trump Prophecies.” The prophecy also predicted the ferocity of the opposition against Trump, but Taylor said the president would overcome it all.

“They [the enemy] will say things about this man, but it will not affect him, and they shall say it rolls off of him like the duck, for as the feathers of a duck protect it, so shall My feathers protect this next president,” according to Taylor’s prophecy. Taylor also says “the enemy will quake and shake and fear this man.”

Gallups also referenced the spiritual opposition Trump has aroused but similarly claimed it would be impotent. He alluded to the effort by thousands of self-described witches to target the president with an occult ritual.

“I don’t put any credence in the powers of these witches; they can do their own thing. But the point is the demonic realm is focused on this one guy,” said Gallups. “The darkness is flooding in. I’m not trying to be pessimistic. This may be the last sane administration, the last government opportunity we have in America.

“We’ve got a president that wants secure borders, and the powers that be won’t allow him to do it. We’ve got a shadow government that’s been trying to destroy us for decades telling him what to do. We’re on the brink, folks! And 90 percent of America’s pulpits are never mentioning it.”

The answer, asserts Gallups, is prayer. Prayer is what he believes helped put Trump in the White House in what he called “one of the most spiritual elections in my lifetime.”

“We were praying, ‘Lord, give us some breathing room,’ and He did,” said Gallups. “And as I said before the election, ‘If Donald Trump wins this, please do not think we can go back to business as usual.’ … We are in a spiritual battle for survival of our nation and our families and our faith. That’s where we are. And I predicted … all the powers of hell are going to be unleashed against this man. Why? Because of what he stands for. Not because he’s a perfect guy who has an angelic glow around him – he doesn’t. But because of what he stands for!”

Still, despite the fury of the president’s foes, Gallups is hopeful and believes Trump can win. And the pastor said the enemy of everyone is afraid.

“I realize what’s happening,” he said. “We’re shaking the gates of hell.”

The most extraordinary political upset in history wasn’t a surprise at all. One man was given a direct message from God years before Donald Trump decided to run for president about who the next commander-in-chief would be. And the prophecies don’t stop with President Trump’s inauguration. America is about to undertake a remarkable national journey. Don’t be left behind! And don’t miss “The Trump Prophecies,” now available from the WND Superstore.


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