Russian collusion?!

New Korean War?!

ISIS copies U.S. neo-Nazis?!

Destroy all the Confederate and historical statues?!

President who?!

More firings?!

The headlines are filled with accusations and real examples of fake news.

The Internet is filled with biased “news” from all sides.

Local news outlets manage to put out newspapers with a minimum of reality about what is going on in this country.

In the middle of all of this, the average American citizen is left feeling that things are spinning out of control and no one is in charge.

Unfortunately, I think they’re right.

This is all happening a week after a planned and permitted white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, spun out of control when opposing protesters resorted to physical attacks, and it all ended in blood and the death of an innocent woman, Heather Heyer.

This was another example of gutless city officials who demanded that the police “stand down” and allow the chaos to take on a life of its own.

As a citizen, I’m beyond shocked that elected officials can do this and even more shocked that uniformed police allow it.

While they may acquiesce at the moment, it surprises me that after the melee, there isn’t a mass police resignation. How can they live with themselves when they are ordered to not do their jobs – to protect citizens and their property?

How can citizens permit it and not demand the resignation of those city officials, elected or not, who gave the stand-down order?

Yes, it happened in Virginia, but it also happened in Oakland and Berkeley, California, when things got out of control. But putting a police damper on it would have stepped on politically correct toes.

It’s really government-sanctioned violence and civil disobedience, and it portends of dark days ahead.

I lived in California through the chaos of the riots and demonstrations of the ’60s, but what I’m seeing today tells me worse things are in store. When we have people from both parties calling for a continuation of law breaking because they don’t like the president or how he says what he says, things are bad.

We have people calling for violence against those who disagree with them and even for violence against President Trump and his family.

We already have seen a shooting attack on Republican congressmen in Washington, with the near-death of one of them, and it seemingly has made no difference.

I guess it’s ignored because the victims were Republicans, and we all know how the mainstream media and the left feel about them.

The undermining of President Trump is blatant and widespread. People didn’t like what he said after Charlottesville nor did they like what he said after that. They accuse him of siding with the Nazis and essentially being one with them. It would be bad enough if it were just the Democrat-leftists, but it’s also the Republicans who have turned on him and knifed him in the political back.

It’s clear they want him gone and seem hell-bent on making it happen. So far, President Trump remains strong, and I hope he continues.

The people who voted for him want him to get back to his campaign promises and do what he said he would: build a wall, cut taxes, address free trade, deal with deregulation and so much more. They believed him, and that’s why he won. The Democrats and much of the GOP still can’t believe it and won’t accept it.

It all comes down to the strength of the Constitution. If we allow that to be dismantled because of this, we’re on the brink of losing the country and all it has stood and maintained over the decades.

One of the outcomes of the Virginia tragedy is that there’s a serious move to remove every vestige of the Confederate South and memories of the people involved in the Civil War and the years after.

It’s far beyond just removing the Confederate flag. It’s gotten to the point that statues of leaders and generals are being torn down. There are calls that the carvings on Stone Mountain in Georgia be demolished as well as those on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

We have people calling for the demolition of the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and so many others because the men they are named after were slave owners.

That they are heroes of the founding of our country seems not to matter a whit to these people.

We’ve even had instances of statues of Abraham Lincoln being destroyed and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington was defaced with paint. There are demands to remove the name of every school, library, highway, even municipalities if they commemorate any of those men.

There are demands to destroy Civil War battlefield memorials and some even want the graves of generals and other leaders desecrated.

There are suggestions to change the name of Washington State and even, Washington, D.C. No word yet on our currency – starting with George Washington on the dollar bill.

How do we deal with this insanity?

Can you imagine what will happen to our history books and what our children will be taught in history classes? They already get a watered-down version of history. After this rampage of destruction, our history will be obliterated and our country destroyed.

It appears that’s the intent. We should consider ourselves warned.

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