Mr. Farah:

Thank you for writing so well about Bob Dylan. I read his autobiography, “Chronicles Volume I,” and I really enjoyed his revealing who his favorite politician was, Barry Goldwater, and how he was just like every other man in America. He wanted to earn enough money to be able to afford a nice house with a fenced-in yard (white picket, of course) and flowerbeds in the yard on a tree-lined street – a safe place for his children to play. He was very complimentary to the police officers in his small town and how they tried to protect his and his family’s privacy.

I have no difficulty believing his spiritual journey and his spiritual side. I think he is a very deep thinker, and he feels the spiritual side of his life is very important to him. I am in the process of reading “Bob Dylan, A Spiritual Life” and have not gotten very far into it, but it is very interesting.

I wish Bob Dylan would write the next volume of his autobiography, because he is very interesting. I always thought that there was more to Bob Dylan than there was to the other tag-alongs in the 1960s – and I was right. I wish him healthy, happiness, joy and continued prosperity in his life and career. He is still a favorite of mine and always will be.


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