Baby feet

The message is stunning.

A 9-year-old girl is outside an abortion clinic, speaking through an amplified headset, talking to the women inside.

“I’m a 9-year-old and the voice of your baby right now. Don’t kill me,” she pleads. “Let me see the world. Let me see what it can bring. Let me grow up so I can worship Jesus.

“That’s what your baby is saying.”

The video:

The video comes from the Activist Mom blog, which says the viral footage was uploaded to the Facebook page for “Hoosiers For Life.”

The featured abortion clinic is in Indianapolis.

The girl’s name isn’t known.

But her message couldn’t be more clear.

“There are so many things you could do,” she says.

She’s standing next to the darkened window of what apparently is the clinic’s waiting room.

“Like, first things. The first things are awesome, too. You can have first birthdays, first Christmases, first everything – first day to hug your baby, first day to see her. … She may cry every once in a while but it’s worth it.

“Don’t live the rest of your life regretting,” she continues.

And avoid those “what-if” questions.

“You can just look at your baby and that’ll be your answer.”

Abortion doesn’t prevent a women from being a mother, she points out.

“You’ll still be a mother, just a mother of a murdered baby.”

But even that’s not the end.

“You can come out, repent. Jesus will forgive you,” she declares.

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