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Appeal filed in lawsuit over rigged Dem primary

Sen. Bernie Sanders

WASHINGTON – Attorneys suing the Democratic National Committee for rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders and in favor of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race have filed a notice of appeal and say they are willing to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Outraged that the DNC cleared the way for former Secretary of State Clinton’s nomination, supporters of Sanders and Democratic donors sued the DNC, alleging it defrauded its constituents.

Jared and Elizabeth Beck filed the lawsuit in July of 2016.

During an April 25 hearing, the DNC argued the case should be dismissed.

And after Judge William J. Zloch, a Reagan-appointed senior federal judge for the U.S. District Court serving the Southern District of Florida, heard oral arguments, he eventually agreed.

It was then that lawyers representing the DNC justified the party’s right to select candidates through even “back-room” deals and tip the scale for the establishment’s preferred primary candidate.

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“[I]f you had a charity where somebody said, ‘Hey, I’m gonna take this money and use it for a specific purpose, X,’ and they pocketed it and stole the money, of course that’s different. But here, where you have a party that’s saying, ‘We’re gonna, you know, choose our standard bearer, and we’re gonna follow these general rules of the road,’ which we are voluntarily deciding, we could have – and we could have voluntarily decided that, ‘Look, we’re gonna go into back rooms like they used to and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way,'” DNC attorney Bruce Spiva had argued.

“That’s not the way it was done. But they could have. And that would have also been their right, and it would drag the court well into party politics, internal party politics to answer those questions.”

Zloch dismissed the case on Aug. 31, citing jurisdictional issues and gave the parties 30 days after entry of the judgment to file an appeal.

The Becks are declining donations to fund the appeal process.

Instead, they said the appeal would be funded by the publication of a book Jared is in the process of writing as a response to Hillary Clinton’s book “What Happened.”

Skyhorse Publishing has agreed to publish Jared Beck’s upcoming book.

The notice of appeal, which was officially filed Thursday, also ultimately could allow a discovery process that could reveal information about other issues. They include the possible data breech of DNC donors’ information, the Awan scandal, allegations of Russian interference in the election and even the unsolved murder of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who is alleged to have leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

The Becks are the only attorneys seeking to hold the Democratic Party accountable for its rigged primary system, which was confirmed by internal DNC emails.

During the primaries, DNC superdelegates, unbound by primary results, lined up behind Clinton to guarantee Sanders’ defeat.

The trove of DNC emails made public by WikiLeaks revealed top officials  privately conspiring to undermine and antagonize Sanders’ campaign, ultimately resulting in Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz quitting her post in July 2016.

Article 4, Section 5 of the DNC charter states: “The chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness between the presidential candidates and campaigns. The chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party presidential nominating process.”

Spiva argued that while the DNC charter explicitly stipulates that its chairman and their staff must ensure neutrality in the Democratic Party presidential primaries, it is “a discretionary rule that it didn’t need to adopt to begin with.”

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