According to some critics, we raised our kids in a bubble.

To those unfamiliar with our lifestyle, we have a remote 20-acre homestead from which we earn our living (mostly) with a home woodcraft business. It was a natural corollary to this lifestyle to homeschool our girls, which we did through their high school years. Our daughters are now successfully launched into the great wide cruel world.

Critics maintain we raised our kids in an unrealistic bubble, a protected sphere where they would never learn social skills or cultivate the ability to mingle with outsiders. What’s even worse is that bubble had a Christian foundation. I know; the horror.

The reason critics are so upset with this kind of protected childhood is because they believe children should be captured young and molded properly. By “properly,” of course, they mean children should reject the values of their conservative parents and be born again into a good progressive image, where vice is celebrated and virtue scorned.

Progressives are awesomely efficient at doing this. Every public school, nearly every university, an increasing number of churches, and nearly all the media are engaged in an unceasing campaign to keep children toeing the straight and narrow of liberal thought-control. It’s far easier to sell sin than virtue.

“The fact that they can get away with doing any of this, facing only a relatively small backlash, and confident that we Christian parents will move past it and continue handing our money to Hollywood … only speaks to how successful they have been,” notes columnist Matt Walsh. “Every day, more and more of us put up the white flag. There is no use in fighting it, we say. Especially if it means our kids can’t watch much TV (meaning, horrifically, that we have to spend time with them). We bow our heads submissively and hand over our children. ‘Well, I tried,’ we say. But we didn’t really try. We didn’t even try turning the TV off.”

The common justification for handing over our children to the progressive culture is we can’t keep kids in a bubble. “The Bubble is bad,” says Walsh. “The Bubble is scary. Children of the Bubble are weird and different, and they don’t get invited to sleepover parties.”

But what’s outside the bubble? There are a lot of things parents either don’t know, or close their eyes to. There are people like the South Florida middle-school teacher who wants to assemble a satanic display consisting of a giant 300-pound metal pentagram encouraging children to “hail Satan” in a public city park during the upcoming Christmas season. Messages on the pentagram will include “May the Children Hail Satan,” “In Satan We Trust” and “One Nation under Antichrist.”

Or how about the CNN documentary series that recently debuted investigating sex education in America’s classrooms? The series will explore “the taboos around sex in America and the ways in which sexuality has been stigmatized, policed and politicized,” and showed students learning how to put a condom on fake penis models and being taught about how to have safe anal sex.

Um, is it just me or have schools lost their way? I always thought the purpose of education was to teach educational topics – y’know, math and history and science and stuff. Instead, they’re teaching things that are not only useless but downright dangerous. There are kids who graduate unable to read their diplomas, never heard of the Gettysburg Address (that’s racist!), and can’t solve an algebraic variable, but by golly they can put condoms on anything and can correctly use the preferred pronouns for 35-plus types of gender identity. Somehow I can’t imagine this is the kind of knowledge sought by employers in the job market.

It’s no wonder “bubbles” are becoming more and more popular.

“You’re just afraid of change,” sneer the undaunted critics. “You need to expose kids to all kinds of lifestyles.”

So what happens when you DON’T raise kids in a bubble? What happens when you don’t control their media exposure and send them to public school and forget to go to church? What happens when you hand them over, without protest, to the progressive agenda? What happens when you expose them to all “all kinds of lifestyles”? It’s quite simple: You raise snowflakes.

Conservative Christian kids are not the ones who go crazy when they’re released to the world as young adults. They’re not the ones smashing college campuses, toppling historical statues, or screaming like banshees whenever they see something that “triggers” them. They’re not the ones who freak out at chalk graffiti. They’re not the ones seeking Play-Doh and coloring books in their safe spaces.

Instead, they’re the ones wielding hammers or pulling electrical wires or driving tractors or programming computers or raising kids. They’re the ones serving in the military. They’re the ones going to college and studying STEM subjects. They’re contributing to this nation, not tearing it down.

Ironically, it’s the parents who keep their kids in “bubbles” who are raising children most capable of coping with Real Life as adults. These kids often work alongside their parents, learning discipline, self-control and manners.

My husband and I unashamedly and unapologetically preserved the innocence of our kids when they were young. We gave them what few children experience anymore: an old-fashioned childhood, complete with a stay-at-home parent, age-specific boundaries, repercussions for their actions, a religious background and high moral expectations of self-control and personal responsibility. As a result of this “bubble,” our girls are far more equipped the handle the Real World and all its vices. They have a solid foundation of rock beneath their feet which was never made porous because of progressive nonsense.

Look, in the last few decades, people have tried again and again and again to re-invent the wheel when it comes to raising kids. Every generation is treated as guinea pigs in societal and educational experimentation. Everyone thinks he or she can improve upon the methods and techniques of raising children, the methods that built up and made America the greatest nation in the world.

And what are the results of this re-invented wheel? What’s going on with the younger generations poised to take over the world? We have people who can’t read, write, speak, or discuss history and science. People who major in useless subjects in college and emerge with no job prospects, but hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. People who think gender is fluid and God is dead.

Bubbles or snowflakes? The choice is yours.

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