I recently wrote a column titled “Razing statues won’t end blacks’ destructive behavior.” The article was born out of my YouTube video titled: “When has a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee killed a black person?” In the column, I listed irrefutable statistics bullet point by bullet point of ghastly behavior by blacks that is serving to decimate them as a demographic in America into nonexistence.

Logical persons would think the horrific facts I presented would sound a cautionary alarm. And perhaps it did for some black people; at the very least it prayerfully caused some to stop and examine the lifestyles and behavior of so many other blacks that ultimately ends in destroyed lives.

Appallingly, vast numbers take great pride in reveling in the bottomless pools of ignorance.

One example of blaming others was a black man on Twitter named Edward Plummer, who goes by @bossnup. He argued that the statistics I presented were not as bad as those of white people. He was not ashamed or repulsed at the level of self-destruction blacks inflict upon themselves. He wanted only to argue about white people – and, just as predictable, he called me names for daring to present facts and truth.

But for unmitigated deranged disillusionment, a woman named Wanda Harper, argued in comment after comment on YouTube that blacks had a right to be angry and resentful over slavery. When confronted with the facts that other Africans and Muslims were responsible for slaves being brought to America, she argued: “It doesn’t matter who sold the Africans into slavery, they were treated just as bad or worse than the Jews.”

Her jaundiced reasoning notwithstanding, I can find no scenario in which slaves in America remotely suffered the horrors Jews did under Hitler. Unless of course Wanda Harper knows the super secret hiding place of the furnaces slaves were burned in or the gas chambers slaves were gassed to death in. I would settle for Ms. Harper telling us when slaves were tortured and experimented upon and then killed, as was the case in Nazi Germany.

Of course, Harper did not omit the obligatory fallback: “Would you want to live in peace and harmony or break bread with someone or the descendants of someone that raped your grandmother?” In her presentation of facts as she wants to have them, she omitted the fact that blacks owned slaves, and it goes without saying that some of those black slave owners raped a few grandmothers as well.

The depth of the historical illiteracy of Harper was on full display when she launched into a tirade about black people being only three-fifths of a person. Specific to her point, they were not blacks, they were former slaves, i.e., Africans, East Indians and West Indians who intermingled, becoming a blended people. The idea of blacks as we recognize same today is a fairly recent construct, but I won’t confuse the confused with facts.

Wanda Harper doesn’t realize that the “Three-Fifths Compromise” expedited slaves out of slavery.

The “Compromise” was a result of the apportionment of taxes being related to land values. … A committee was held that would rectify the situation by implementing the apportionment of taxes in relation to the state’s population. However, this idea was met with the dispute over how to consider slaves in the apportionment process and the actual ratio of slaves to free people at that time. (See: constitution.laws.com)

Those who opposed slavery only wanted to consider the free people of a population, while those in favor wanted to include slaves in the population count. This would provide for slaveholders to have many more seats in the House of Representatives and more representation in the Electoral College. … The implementation of the Three-Fifths Compromise would greatly increase the representation and political power of slave-owning states. The Southern states, if represented equally, would have accounted for 33 of the seats in the House of Representatives. However, because of the Three-Fifths Compromise, the Southern states accounted for 47 seats in the House of Representatives of the first United States Congress of 1790. This would allow for the South to garner enough power at the political level, giving them control in Presidential elections.

However, as time moved forward, the Three-Fifths Compromise would not provide the advantage for which the Southern states and slave-owners had hoped. The Northern states grew more rapidly in terms of population than the South. Even though Southern states had essentially dominated all political platforms prior to the Civil War, afterward that control would be relinquished slowly but surely. It would not be until the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was be enacted in 1865 that the Three-Fifths Compromise would be rendered obsolete.

The historically illiterate would rather regurgitate erroneous facts than actually read and study the truth – which exposes another aspect of blacks like Harper. They are only interested in reading something that presents them as victims.

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