More than anything in the world, Gabi Morales wants a new kidney, but her Tampa Bay-area homeowner’s association is threatening to fine her if she doesn’t remove a magnetic sign from her car that seeks a living organ donor.

Born with one kidney that was just 10 percent developed and another that was not developed at all, the 23-year-old woman has been living with medical problems since birth. She received a transplant from her father when she was five, but after 18 years it has failed. Morales spends 10 hours a day attached to a dialysis machine.

The magnetic sign, attached to the passenger-side rear door of the family car, reads: 23 year old needs living kidney donor! Give the gift of life! Facebook: Find a Kidney for Gabriele “Gabi” [email protected]

The homeowner’s association says the sign makes the car a commercial vehicle, and that breaks the Glen Oaks HOA’s rules.

“‘Are you freaking kidding me?!’ I think is what I actually said,” Tammi Morales, the young woman’s mother, told WFTS News. “This is something that’s important. It’s not something where we’re just trying to break the rules.”

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Gabi Morales

Gabi Morales

Like others in need of a kidney transplant, Morales has a Facebook page and is registered on a number of hospital donor lists, but because of a high antibody count she has a higher mountain to climb.

“I’m only a match to technically 1 percent of the world, so it’s a little bit harder for me to find a match,” she said.

Morales’ problem with her HOA is not that uncommon. Deed-restricted communities vary in their rules and enforcement. WND has reported on several cases of Bible studies being banned or flags being ordered removed.

In a 2015 case paralleling Morales’, a Missouri HOA denied the family of a 6-year-old girl battling leukemia a playhouse in their backyard. The Make-A-Wish foundation had offered to build it for the child. An outpouring of letters from around the world resulted in the HOA changing its mind and allowing the project to go forward.

Despite a threatened fine of $100 per incident, Morales said she’s not going to remove the sign until she gets her kidney.

“We’re not selling anything. We’re not promoting. We’re not saying give us money,” said her mother.

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