Decrepit school

Today’s column is mostly rant. I was cruising the news this morning and came across the following article:

Knife-wielding campus pride leader killed by police at Georgia Tech

It’s a sad article in so many ways. I feel sorrow for the family of this disturbed young man, and I’m sure there are a lot of his fellow students and friends mourning at this moment.

But my greatest sympathy is extended to the police officers who were placed in the untenable position of having to defend themselves in the face of a real threat from a mentally ill armed individual.

Scout Schultz, the now-deceased assailant, was a 21-year-old student who suffered from gender identity disorder (or, as it has now been relabeled, gender dysphoria). He was also the past president of the Georgia Tech Campus Pride Alliance.

Schultz’s biography on the Alliance website quoted Schultz as saying: “I’m bisexual, nonbinary, and intersex … when I’m not running Pride or doing classwork I mostly play D&D and try to be politically active.”

His preferred pronouns were “they” and “their” rather than “he” and “his.” His last words prior to his demise by police-assisted suicide were “Shoot me” as he advanced on retreating police while holding a knife.

Now let’s take a look at another “isolated” incident:

One student dead, three in hospital after classmate opens fire at Freeman High School

Freeman High School is a small rural school located in a far eastern portion of Washington state. The “town” of Freeman consists of a few houses, a gas-station/mini-market, and the high school. The kids who attend Freeman are drawn primarily from the local farms and ranches. Caleb Sharpe, the alleged shooter, is a sophomore at the school. According to police, Sharpe – who was captured after the shooting – blamed his actions on “bullying.”

When the shooting occurred, I was working outside, getting the McLene compound ready for winter. Because I had the radio on, I was able to listen to the whole thing going down in real time. As usual in these situations, the first reports were spotty and there was a lot of time, in between official press conferences, for reporters to speculate. They also conducted interviews with folks who had little to do with the investigation.

One such interview, with a psychologist whose name I didn’t catch, stuck with me. The head-shrinker told the reporter that science really didn’t have a handle on why such incidents occur, but it was necessary for everyone to accept the reality of school shooting as just another part of life.

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You know, it’s been a while since I could legitimately wear the title of scientist. But my education and training in the hard sciences (unlike the priesthood of psychology) makes me uncomfortable with not knowing the reason something occurs. Back in the day, my telling a client that we didn’t know why his buildings kept falling over, but that he should just live with it, wouldn’t get me paid. One of the fundamentals of any real scientific investigation of a changing situation is to look back to that time before the change, and then to look forward at any new ancillary conditions that might be involved in making that change occur.

So, to help the mental health professionals out, I invite them to take a look at the following two articles:

Gender identity issues among children increase ten-fold in six years

The final line in this article is the most important part. It says: “She [the director of a “dedicated gender identity development service for children”] added that the growth in numbers was likely to be due to greater awareness of gender identity issues.”


Seven stunning ways life was different in the 1960s

The social psychologist author of the above article appears to be celebrating the changes that occurred since the 1960s; in her words, a time of “… sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and big-time advances in civil rights, women’s rights, and more.”

But she definitely wasn’t happy with other aspects of the era: “In the ways they were viewed by others, single people were savaged … just before 1960, a national survey found that 80 percent of Americans thought that people who wanted to be single were ‘immoral,’ ‘neurotic,’ or ‘sick.'”

She then goes on to list the great strides that occurred for women and families since those dark days:

  • In 1960, only 28 percent of Americans, 18 and older, were single. But by 2013 that percentage had grown to 44 percent.
  • The birth control pill wasn’t available in 1960. It wasn’t until 1972 that the pill became “… widely and legally available to single women.”
  • In 1960, nearly 80 percent of women in their early 30s didn’t have a college degree. However 93 percent did have a husband and kids.
  • Only 30 percent of women where employed in the 1960s. By 2012 that number was 71 percent.
  • In 1960, 65 percent of children lived in a two-parent home where the father worked and the mother stayed home. By 2012 that number had fallen to 22 percent.
  • In 1960, only 0.28 percent of children lived with a mother who had never been married. By 2012 that percentage had risen to 22 percent.
  • In 2012, more children live in a single-mother household than in a married household where the father works and the mother doesn’t.

Great news, eh? Instead of a steady, firm, moral person at home to teach their impressionable proto-humans, we now have kids who are being programmed by the media, their schools, their peers and their detached parents to deny biology and to celebrate a mental disorder that will bring them nothing but pain and suffering once the applause dies out. Now, teens and young “adults” without any sense of morality or critical thinking skills are marching in the streets, destroying property and demanding economic and societal changes they can’t understand or verbalize in the most affluent nation on earth. Today, young sports heroes, often being paid millions, won’t stand to even give lip-service to the flag that represents the country that pays them so much.

And none of this is the end. It’s just beginning. Celebrities now believe having a microphone is the equivalent of having a valid opinion. Politicians are now feted on the quality of their lies. Teachers are becoming more radicalized, not less.

And this is still early days. As of 2016, nearly 23 percent of the U.S. population was under the age of 18. That means even more gender confused, historically ignorant, poorly educated and unprepared young people will be coming out of school, lauded only for their existence but without a hope of meaningful life.

And that spells disaster.

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I can see no way to reverse this trend, especially because many of the young people now rioting will be tomorrow’s celebrities, sports figures, politicians, parents and educators. Transgender teachers will become commonplace, and those who object to having their children indoctrinated by the mentally ill will be vilified and marginalized.

Folks, if you love your children, get them out of government schools. Sacrifice as your parents did, and keep mom at home to do the most important work of her life. Attend a Bible-centered church as a family. Pray together. Teach your kids history and critical thinking, and don’t make the mistake of believing their school will do that job.

Preparedness is far more than beans and bullets. God has graced you with the most important “investment” in the world: your children. Increase their value. Don’t let them be debased. Because the way things are going, doing anything less makes you more responsible for their potential injury, incarceration or death than the unhappy peace officers who were forced to end the sad life of Scout Schultz.

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