The term clawback is normally used in the financial realm, when corrupt or incompetent corporate leadership has benefits “clawed back” by a board of directors that has lost its patience.

Merriam-Webster defines clawback as “to get back (something, such as money) by strenuous or forceful means (such as taxation),” and describes the term as “chiefly British.”

Oddly enough, clawback is also the perfect term to describe the insanity we see in politics and media following Trump’s election as president. Yeah, the clawback is in process. America’s presidents, at least since Reagan, have all been failed CEOs who either did nothing to fix problems on their watch, or kicked the can down the road for the next guy, which right now happens to be Trump.

In the digital world, can-kicking doesn’t work as well as it used to. Bill Clinton’s can-kicking with North Korea left them with ICBMs and nukes. Obama’s billions in unmarked cash paid to the Iranian leadership has only purchased more terror, worldwide.

Here at home we see Barack the Divine’s open borders being clawed back in the form of immigration enforcement, so we can welcome legal immigrants while we weed out criminals. What a concept!

States’ rights are being slowly clawed back from a metastasized federal bureaucracy. The battle to claw back the rule of law has only begun. Others, such as the education clawback are only now taking shape.

The unseen clawbacks are even more interesting. Draining the swamp is really a clawback of the federal government from one-world, inbred elitists whose mad-hatter mindset to rule the world has been destroying ordinary peoples’ lives for decades, generation after generation. Elitists are accustomed to running the West’s governments, regardless of whom the voters elect.

All of these clawbacks, and many more that we could add, are part and parcel of the largely unseen clawback underway in the supernatural realm.

The secular world is oblivious to the supernatural realm. This is not so much for lack of evidence that it exists, but for lack of motivation to discover it. Such a discovery would negate the secularists’ view of the world.

While all religions acknowledge the supernatural, the Christian religion is the one that has had the greatest impact in undergirding the Western world.

While there are many denominations of the Christian faith, there are only two churches. One is the capital-C Christian Church, which is united across all denominations. The others are small-c Christian churches and buildings, which are united only in their differences, which is what blinds them from seeing the larger Church.

The anger and rage we see in news reports across America, and indeed across the larger Western world, originates in the supernatural realm. That is because the largest clawback in the mankind’s history has begun. The capital-C Church, unseen to the world but under the direction of the resurrected Jesus, has begun to clawback what was purchased at the Cross of Christ.

Satan’s ownership of world governments, which was acknowledged by Jesus during his ministry on earth, ended at the Cross of Christ. The early Church carried on doing what Jesus had taught while he was here on earth. Then the Christian churches received glory, recognition and power from the emperor Constantine, and became a part of the world. Christianity became simply another religion.

As the Christian church became more earthly, it became more and more knowledgeable about Jesus, because it studied him all the time. It just didn’t know him, as he had directed the apostles. Both the world and the small-c church forgot about the Bride. To the supernatural world, the Bride is the most terrifying creature in the universe. Jesus is awakening her, and panic and terror have gripped the supernatural realm. The fallout is what we see around us in the natural world. The clawback of what was purchased at the Cross has begun.

Earth’s Final Kingdom is almost ready for its first readers. In it, the Bride is revealed.

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