I’m almost starting to feel bad for the left.

They’ve been holding onto to their boxed-in, manufactured caricatures of what anyone who disagrees with them must be stereotyped as.

You know the drill.

Racist. Bigot. Homophobe. Sexist.

They use these terms like ideological kryptonite guarding them against the dangerous mutations of viewpoints that don’t fall in line succinctly with their rigid identity politics-driven, top-down power-seeking, fear-leveraging, trans-national agenda.

In an effort to claim they champion diversity and individuality, they paradoxically solidify only specific groups that qualify for their definition at the discriminatory expense of all that do not and the virtue of individuality itself.

They’ve created a legion of groupthink, identical buckets of bricks in their misguided effort to protect the customized, uniquely constructed architecture of individual stones.

But we ARE all made like stones – individually unique, complex and divinely constructed in that secret place, knit together in our mothers’ wombs.

And no matter how tight the grip is applied to constrain this truth by those who want to shame and outlaw thought that doesn’t conform to their approved precepts, the stones will not be held or destroyed.

So when the left gets confronted with an enigma on the right like Milo Yiannopolous – whom I’m personally agnostic toward – their groupthink kryptonite fails.

Racist and homophobe bullets don’t harm a gay guy with a black boyfriend.

They’re forced to try and find new weapons. God forbid they engage directly with the content of one’s thoughts.

Enter Detroit’s favorite redneck rock rapper, Kid Rock.

Mr. Rock, or Robert Ritchie as his mamma knows him, recently announced his interest in running for the U.S. Snate in his long-loved state of Michigan.

The left has lost their mind, and after Trump’s unorthodox success, they have a reason to.

Instantly, Elizabeth Warren rightly warned her leftist colleagues that they ought take Kid Rock seriously. After all, they all thought Trump was joking, too.

I guess she now has more to worry about than just creating extra-congressional consumer regulatory bodies (CFPB) that effectively limit struggling working and middle-class people from making their own independent financial decisions in times of need. Of course, big sister Warren instinctively knows better than all the little people who actually like to use small-dollar payday loans.

Of course, she and the left at large know better than all the little people – little people like Kid Rock and the working stiffs who enjoy his music and message.

Like Trump, Kid Rock appeals to the great unwashed working-class population of America, many who may have little, but who value hard work, self-reliance and straight forward transparency. The fly-over folks leftists condescend toward and mock as clinging to their God and their guns.

And Kid Rock apparently is a fan of clinging to both, as evidenced by the lyrics in his new single released this week, “Tennessee Mountain Top.”

In the video, you can see him strumming a guitar next to Dan Rather, singing about the beauty of Tennessee’s mountain scapes, straight shooting neighbors and preachers that pray for peace but still pack a gun.)

Last week Kid Rock gave a stump speech of sorts during a performance – another signal that Mr. Rock might just be serious about his political ambitions and another trigger point to cause the left to absolutely lose their minds.

And as usual, when the left can’t engage with issues, they go straight for banning those they disagree with.

It only took a few days for everyone’s favorite suspect, the Rev. Al Sharpton, to come out, via his National Action Network agitation group, and call for cancellation of some of Kid Rock’s concerts. Big Al claimed that Kid Rock “… is known to be dog-whistling and cat-calling to white supremacist organizations and the white supremacist community. …”

Really? Again with the impotent kryptonite play of reflexive racism charges?

So the guy who has done collaborations with Snoop Dog and T.I. and has a half black child is the guy you want to tag as the mysterious white supremacist whisperer?

Good luck.

Keep trying to stuff people in the same old ideological box. Keep avoiding real debate. Keep attempting to limit speech.

And you’ll keep getting more and more colorful, dynamic unexpected opposition against you.

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