[Re: “Left gets vicious, celebrates death of Eric Bolling’s son”]

Do NOT give the left any airtime time or publication of any sort while this man deals with the death of his son. It’s sick!

More importantly, how is it fair to cast out Bolling for being accused of something that has not been officially charged? Also when is it fair to outcast one party and not the other – since these women feel so empowered to “finally” speak up for something they could have been woman enough to have addressed and handled years ago. They are just money seekers.

I am a female. I have been told I am attractive and smart. I have also been cornered in an office by a client inappropriately, as well as colleagues. However, even though these instances were face-to-face, in-person situations, I still handled the situation, removed myself altogether and addressed it direct on!

These women are weak, money seekers and sorry excuses for women – all over a freaking text. Seriously! What a joke. They are adults, not children. Publish their names and who they are, because what is being done to this man is not fair, being accused of something that has not been officially investigated or officially charged.

Bridget Roberts

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