I know a few people who are being considered for key federal judicial appointments by President Trump.

These are people who have been interviewed for prominent positions by the White House. They’ve been told the interviews went very well. But months are going by without appointments being made.

Would you like to know what the holdups are?

It is customary for the White House to send over the names of potential key judicial appointments to senior Democratic senators in their states for review and vetting. They are usually given deadlines for their responses. And, what seems to be happening at this stage of the game, the opposition party is slow-walking its feedback – almost in what would appear to be a systematic way.

In the cases I am aware of, not a single deadline for feedback has been met.

Meanwhile, of course, the White House is a very busy place. The president is making hundreds of appointments – maybe thousands. It’s unlikely anyone at the White House is going to be bugging Democratic senators for their reviews of potential judicial nominees.

After all, there’s North Korea to worry about.

There’s disaster relief to worry about.

There are dozens and dozens of initiatives on tax reform, health care, the space race, the tragic attack in Las Vegas – on and on and on.

Keep in mind, the president doesn’t have any obligation to get feedback from Democratic senators. It’s a tradition. It’s a courtesy – one unlikely extended by Democratic presidents in the past.

I don’t pretend to know about dozens of appointments being held up through what appears to be intentional foot-dragging by Democratic senators. But I do know of a few. And the wait for the process to take its course seems to point in this direction every time.

Of course, it would be nice if the White House extended the courtesy and the deadline for feedback, which is many weeks, and then moved to appoint based on the available information and its own inclinations. That’s what Barack Obama did to stack the judiciary with left-wing ideologues. He didn’t wait for Republican senators to weigh in, nor did he care what they had to say when he did.

But, again, when the White House is as frenetic with activity as it is under Donald Trump, there is action every day. It’s very easy to understand how potential judicial appointments considered – and perhaps even decided – months ago remain on hold.

No pressure is placed on the Democratic senators for their feedback other than a deadline which has expired – in some cases, months ago.

And, at the end of the day, these Democratic senators have seemingly figured out the best way to forestall appointments to the bench by Trump is simply to delay response as long as they can.

As we close in on the end of the first year of the Trump administration, maybe you have been wondering why major appointments to prominent judicial vacancies are not being announced and taken up by the Senate for confirmation.

I think I figured it out.

The Democrats are holding the ball, just waiting for the clock to run out. The longer they wait, the less time Trump’s judicial nominees will spend in office. It’s as simple as that. The longer they stall, the more likelihood there is these nominees will consider other positions and move on with their lives.

Isn’t that a great strategy?

It’s just what you would expect from senior Democrats who consider themselves at war with the Trump administration. Isn’t it?

Sorry I can’t name names, because all those being considered hardly want to make waves, sound like a complainer or even appear overly eager to step into a Senate confirmation fight where they have to deal with Republicans like John McCain and Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins – people even more devious and dishonest than their Democratic counterparts.

What a world …

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