(Washington Times) — Faced with plummeting attendance and TV ratings over its boneheaded unwillingness to require its millionaire players to at least stand during the national anthem, the National Football League brain trust has come up with another beauty: Let’s throw millions of dollars at left wing political causes.

While this may warm hearts in the activist Players Coalition, with which the NFL owners have negotiated the deal, it sends an unmistakable signal to the NFL’s fan base: We not only couldn’t care less that you’re offended by players who disrespect the American flag and for all it stands; we’re going to fund groups that want to turn America into a giant version of Venezuela. But, please, come back to our games! We love you!

At the same time, the NFL compensation committee reportedly has signed a five-year contract that could provide up to $200 million in compensation to re-sign Roger Goodell, who has been NFL commissioner since 2006.

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