UFO clone cult spreads atheism



Dec. 29, 2002: A former French magazine sportswriter, wannabe race-car driver and founder of a UFO sect who claimed his company, Clonaid, had helped an anonymous mother clone her child Eve, let it be know that his agenda included strange religion as well as weird science.

Claude Vorilhon, aka Rael, said there is no God – men were cloned in test tubes 25,000 years ago by space aliens called “Elohim,” and it was the mission of his followers, Raelians, to help mankind achieve immortality through cloning.

“Traditional religions have always been against scientific progress,” he said. “They were against the steam engine, electricity, airplanes, cars, radio, television, etc. If we had listened to them, we would still have horses and carts and candles.”

WND-20-YearsHe robustly defended the cloning experiment that “created” Eve, saying: “We are for peace and love. This is a time of danger for earth. We are spiritually lost. The two most powerful countries on earth – America and Britain – are ready to kill 100,000 civilians in Iraq, yet people are angry over the birth of a beautiful little girl through cloning.”

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