(Reason) — This mom’s story in The Washington Post will kick anyone in the gut. Texas writer May Cobb was out for a day with her mom, her husband, and their autistic 5-year-old who, miraculously, was doing great. By great, Cobb explained, she meant he had not had a single meltdown during the hour they were at a park and on the boardwalk near Lady Bird Lake in Austin. He hadn’t stripped off all his clothes, and he wasn’t banging his head over and over again.

Sure, his hair was messy—his sensory issues render him distraught when he gets his hair brushed. And his pants were too short—but at least he’d actually chosen a pair to wear, rather than tearing them off. So all was as right as right can be when you have a kid with autism.

But then, as the family was heading to the car, a pair of cops approached Cobb:

“Can we talk to you a second,” he asked, “about your son?”

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