Michael Enright is a British-born actor who moved to America and performed in “Dead Man’s Chest,” part of Johnny Depp’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” series.

He’s also worked on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigations.”

He responded instantly with CPR when a man fell down next to him with a heart attack.

He talked an acquaintance out of suicide.

And he’s taken part in military attacks on ISIS in which terrorists were blown up.

Now he’s dealing with a visa issue, after having stayed too long on the one on which he traveled overseas, and a number of friends have appeared in a video promoting his cause to return to the United States.

Among them is Emmy-winning filmmaker Adam Wood, who is coming out with “Heval,” about Enright’s decision to leave Hollywood and travel to the Middle East to fight alongside Kurds, a strong U.S. ally in that region, against the Islamic terrorists of ISIS.

The video includes a trailer for the new movie and testimonials to Enright’s character.

It also includes Enright negotiating with a restaurateur in the region for a free dinner for President Trump.

In his travels with the Kurdish military, he said, he found a restaurant named “Trump.”

He questioned the owner about the name and was told, through an interpreter: “Because of the president of America. He is the strongest president in the world. He is great because he wants to do something about the Syrian conflict, and also the Kurdish case, too.

“And from here inside Kobane I want to congratulate him for being the President Donald Trump,” said the owner, whose name was not included in the video.

See the video:

“There you go, Donald,” Enright says, as the owner promises that the president, “of course,” can get a free dinner there.

Wood described briefly Enright’s current effor to overcome visa problems and return to the United States.

He asks people to “pick up and champion Michael’s cause.”

Enright describes his original motivation, the ISIS torture of Yazidis.

“So I live this self-centered life … all about me, me, me, me. When I saw what they did to the Yazidis, I couldn’t live with myself knowing there was something I might have done to stop that.”

In a video shot on the battlefield, Enright says of the ISIS terrorists: “Lord let your will be done in this area. I want to make it out, but I really want to kill them.”

Other testimonials come from Greg Martin, a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles, who met Enright at a Christian men’s group.

Mike Chapman of the Christian campus group Cru, who said Enright felt passionate about injustice, also speaks

And Marilyn Matrisciana of Servant Group International, which works with the people group Enright traveled overseas to help, vouches for Enright.

“He had the heart to give up his life and fight alongside people I’ve loved for 25 years,” she said.

Enright describes his life in the Syrian Democratic Forces, a loose alliance dominated by the Kurdish YPG militia, as they moved against ISIS positions that were entrenched at the time.

He was born in Manchester and became at actor at 16, later moving to Hollywood. He joined the Middle East fight in 2015.


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