Amazon dumps conservative sites

Is it 'hate' to oppose jihad mass murder, Shariah oppression?


The worst 'fake news' – Google News

Exclusive: Joseph Farah asks president to condemn search giant's bias against him

Donald Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona, in June 2016 (Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons)

Trump camp, RNC demand tech giants
come clean on censorship

Contend citizens concerned about 'Silicon Valley thought police'

Earth View From Space With Sun Flare - North America

Divide between Americans
getting wider, poll shows

Pew: Differences growing in politics, values, social issues

Baby feet

To our Irish friends deciding on abortion

Exclusive: Bob Just explains impact on children of being born into permissive society

Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

Proof! 'No firewall' between
Hillary's State, Foundation

Feds confirm discovery of 'thousands' of connections while Clinton was in office



Abortion-business worker alleged he made terror threat

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas

Sen. Cruz chides media for ignoring
pro-gun student survivors

Santa Fe victims say cause of shootings is 'people,' not hardware

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan

Gorka to Trump: Cancel Obama admin's
security clearances

'That John Brennan is feeding Russian propaganda lines and still has his is absurd'

Robert Mueller

Mueller's media contacts
to be public by September

Judge orders release of thousands of documents in Freedom of Information case