Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster

Why was Hillary trying to reach
Vince Foster on day he died?

Clinton made 3 calls but has never explained urgent efforts to contact him

Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton

Trump's Vince Foster attack
backed by new evidence

How could a suicide victim be found with TWO bullet wounds?

Ann Coulter, one of 12 women on SPLC's list, tells WND she's honored to be included

'Where was Ted Cruz's dad
when Vince Foster was shot?'

Ann Coulter's comically conspiratorial tweet creates online buzz


Democrats blocking 'common sense' fix for Zika

Congressman: They're refusing 'safe' and 'effective' solution that kills mosquito carrying virus


Planned Parenthood lawyer got
insider details in baby body-parts case

'Conduct of prosecutors is outrageous and illegal'

Thomas Jefferson - 600x300

Thomas Jefferson:
The misremembered
Founding Father

David Barton reveals lies
that define him as 'jerk,' 'heel'


Hundreds of dead voters cast ballots decades after dying

'Probably rolling in his grave
if they were voting Republican'

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

Alabama GOP sounds off
on Chief Justice Roy Moore

Judge under fire for upholding state's ban on 'gay marriage'


U.S. students donate 'to wipe Israel off map'

Filmmaker raises funds for 'Hamas' in experiment on campus

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen

IRS chief a no-show for own impeachment inquiry

'This is Lois Lerner revisited'