God's hand of judgment

Shemitah author answers critics: 'Judgment is coming'

God still raises up, pulls down empires, he says


Sadists, psychopaths find new home online

Antisocial behaviors forcing companies to eliminate popular feature


U.S.-led bombing coalition
fraught with conflicts

Arabs, West have different objectives, could undermine goal of defeating ISIS


Obama coalition partner
accused of quietly aiding IS

Sources report goal is brokered truce with contingent fighting in Syria


Death sentence for Iranian woman delayed

Was convicted of self-defense killing of man attacking her


Facebook friends honor
Oklahoma beheading victim

Postings recognize woman killed in alleged attack by coworker


Filmmaker: Human civilization in peril

Reveals 6 'whole-life principles' for reversing cultural slide


Dems join GOP in blasting Secret Service

Want 'overwhelming force' not 'tremendous restraint'


Say what? 'Loony tune' Democrat
ashamed of 'being white'

'My guilt tends to creep up most when I reflect on power I wield'

Thanks for your Christian stand and all you do!
— Tanya Boswell